While summer isn’t here quite yet, things are heating up quickly in Austin. It won’t be long before we’re seeing temperatures in the low to mid 90’s. Before the weather gets warmer, now is a good time to investing in home window tinting for your Austin property. Below, we’ve discussed some of the ways that residential window film can help your family stay comfortable during the summer and save on energy costs.


Get Ready for Summer in Austin with Home Window Tinting

June 21st will be the first day of summer in Austin. While you may think that’s a long way off, it will get here faster than you know it. And even though summer doesn’t technically start until the middle of June, the weather starts heating up long before that. In May, the average high in Austin is 88 degrees! That’s why now is a good time to upgrade the energy efficiency of your windows. With home window tinting, Austin residents can prepare for summer and the warm days ahead. Here are some of the benefits:


Summer Savings

While all the sunshine and warm weather can be nice, it can also take a toll on your energy bill. Summer days are long and on a clear sky day, your home spends hours baking in the sun. After all that time of being exposed to intense sunlight and heat, your home can start to get pretty warm, causing your air conditioning system to run longer and work harder. Installing energy-saving window film can help keep high utility bills at bay. Energy saving film filters out infrared heat that causes your home to become warm and uncomfortable. This way, you can use your A/C less and save money during the summer.


A Cooler, More Comfortable Home

Another benefit of installing window film before summer hits is that it will keep your home cool. No one likes living in a hot home. It’s hard to relax, enjoy cooking, and sleep at night. Home window tinting keeps Austin properties at a comfortable temperature by preventing solar heat gain. That way, you can enjoy your home and your time with your family, no matter how hot it is outside.


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