Window Tint for Austin and San Antonio Mass Transit Systems

Custom Tint Solutions is proud of our extensive experience doing window tint and film jobs across the US and right here in Austin.  With more than a decade of experience, we are in a unique position of being competent to apply window film in any place or space.  One type of environment that requires a skilled hand for installation is transit hubs.  Whether for a bus in Avenida Guadalupe or the Highland ight rail station–these types of spaces require flawless installation since the public relies on them; many types of Austin/San Antonio area transit hubs can benefit from window film: bus lines, light rail stations,  airports, and train stations as well as the vehicles themselves.   We carry a full selection of window tints for mass transit systems that offer many benefits, from rider comfort to protection.

Increase Rider Comfort with Climate Control Window Films

Each and every day, thousands of Central Texas residents use public transit to get around.  Not only do they ride in the vehicles, but they use the transit stations too. These stations often have issues with glare and heat.  Window film applied to these stations’ glass windows and doors can help keep busy commuters moving along in comfort by evening-out temperatures.  Not only will these films keep it cooler in the summer but warmer in the winter, too, because it acts as insulation for transit station glass.  Glare-reducing window film is one of our top films to install on the vehicles themselves.  It stops both glare and UV rays from bombarding passengers, giving them a healthier and more pleasant journey on buses, planes, trains, and more. 

  • Window films to reject heat and reduce hot spots in stations
  • Window films to reduce annoying glare that obscures screens on TVs, phones and laptops
  • Window film to Increase insulation and increase comfort for passengers on and off vehicles

Lower Transit Stations Utility Costs and HVAC Repairs with Energy Efficient Films

With people moving in and out of transit stations all the time, utility bills get high not only from constant lighting but also from heating and cooling.  While these spaces will always be prone to drafts from opening and closing station doors–there are still ways to save.  One of these ways is with energy-efficient window film.  Energy-efficient window film greatly reduces solar heat gain on windows during the summer, which keeps Austin transit hubs cooler.  IT also stops heated air from leaching out windows during the winter.  This combination can save thousands over time.  Plus, these types of window films help HVAC systems run more efficiently and less frequently, adding up to even more savings in costly repairs. Overall energy-efficient window films for Austin area transit stations are an affordable investment and one that can provide a full payback in 3 years or less!

  • Energy-efficient window films to reduce carbon emissions
  • Energy-efficient window films to lower solar heat gain and temperatures in transit stations
  • Keep HVAC costs lower and save Austin and San Antionio taxpayer money
mass transit austin window film

Anti-Graffiti Films to Keet Transit Stations and Vehicles Graffiti-Free

The most likely place to find graffiti marks here in the San Antonio, Austin, New Braunfels, and San Marcos area is in transit stations and vehicles.  These stations hold a lot of people and are hard to monitor.  Plus, they have a lot of metal, glass, and mirrored surfaces.  This is why anti-graffiti films make such good sense in these locations.  These surface films work by going on top of existing graffiti to obscure it with a matching finish, such as a scratched-up bathroom mirror or a metal panel on an elevator covered in spray paint.  The best part is, should these surfaces get hit again by vandals, the sacrificial film layer can simply be removed and replaced for almost 1/10th of the cost of full replacement. With film technology like this, Transit hubs across Austin can keep their interiors looking good and reflecting the beauty of our city instead of graffiti marks.

  • Easy to have applied to remove frequent graffiti attacks on transit stations
  • Available in multiple metal, glass, and mirror finishes–and custom finishes
  • Less expensive than other graffiti removal options especially for mirrors and metal panels

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