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Window Tint FAQ for Businesses

There are tremendous benefits to be gained from investing in window tint for your commercial property. From providing energy savings that reduce operating expenses to enhancing security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal, the advantages are extensive, ultimately providing businesses with a way to accelerate growth and protect their bottom line. If you are the owner or manager of a commercial property in Austin or San Antonio and are looking into window tint for the first time, you may have some questions about how it works. Below, we’ve provided answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about commercial window tinting.

Commercial Window Tinting - Frequently Asked Questions

All commercial window films can be removed by a professional. However, they cannot be reused. As an alternative, you can apply a new window film in its place. Before you do this, however, you want to make sure that all of the previous adhesive is removed from the glass. This is why we recommend having your window film removed by a professional.

Yes. There are privacy window films that have this specific type of functionality. Reflective films allow insiders to look out but prevent outsiders from looking in by creating a mirrored image of the surroundings outdoors. One-way visibility films also have this functionality and can be purchased in a variety of styles.

Not necessarily, no. Your window tint does not have to be dark unless you want it to be. Sometimes, businesses will install a tinted film for extra sun control or privacy. However, window film comes in many different styles and shades, so it doesn’t have to be dark. You can even purchase clear commercial window tint.

Sometimes utility companies and government programs will offer energy rebates to businesses who install commercial window tint. In other cases, window tint can sometimes be used to earn LEED points that can be applied towards certification.

When it comes to window tinting, there are two types of warranties: contractor warranties and manufacturer warranties. Manufacturer warranties vary from one brand to the next. At Custom Tint Solutions, we train all of our installers to ensure that they are using the right techniques so that the window film will be covered by the manufacturer warranty.

So long as the right techniques and products are used, window tints are very safe for windows. We will make sure that the window film you choose is compatible with your windows before proceeding with the install.

Depending on the application, commercial window tints can save businesses anywhere from 5-30% on energy costs. This roughly translates into an average ROI of 3-5 years for businesses. When compared to window replacement, the ROI from window film is far superior.

The lifespan of window tint is affected by climate conditions, weather, and whether the film is being installed on the inside or outside of the glass. On average, commercial window films last about 7-10 years. However, we have seen this timeline exceeded several times, with window films lasting 15 years or longer in many situations.

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