Window Tinting Benefits in Austin & San Antonio

Windows play a key role in providing us with light and access to the outdoors. Architectural trends have shifted towards buildings with larger and a greater number of windows. Window tint and film provides a way to keep buildings in Austin and San Antonio functional, secure, and energy efficient.

From improving comfort, aesthetics, and energy efficiency to protecting personal health and privacy, window films offer a multitude of benefits. With just one single application, window performance is tremendously improved, all without having to replace the glass with a double or triple pane unit. For property owners, this means more savings and growth, less hassle, and the priceless feeling that comes from having peace of mind.

anti graffiti film austin san antonio

Anti-Graffiti Film

In a matter of minutes, a vandal can destroy the reputation that took you years of hard work to build. Keep graffiti-prone surfaces, appliances, and fixtures in your property in pristine condition with our anti-graffiti window films. Available in metal, glass, mirror, and custom finishes, our surface films offer an affordable solution for preventing and repairing damage caused by vandalism.

ballistic resistant window film austin san antonio

Ballistic Resistance

Schools, stadiums, public venues, retail stores, and airports are some of the many places targeted by shooters. Unfortunately, violence is part of the world we live in and while there’s no way to predict it, you can stay prepared. Our ballistic resistant window film systems provide Texas facilities with an extra layer of defense that protects building interiors and occupants during dangerous scenarios and violent attacks.

bomb blast security film austin san antonio

Bomb Blast Protection

Explosions are a real and serious threat for airports, schools, data centers, and banks as well as places that house flammable liquids, chemicals, expensive equipment, or sensitive information. A bomb blast can send glass flying everywhere, putting occupants and expensive property in serious danger. Bomb blast protection film secures glass in place, saving dollars and lives.

daylight redirection film austin san antonio

Daylight Redirecting Film

Redirect sunlight deeper into your building. Daylight redirecting film disperses sunlight while pulling it deeper into your interior so that it reaches the middle of the room. Glare and heat are eliminated while a soft wash of light keeps the room bright and welcoming.

exterior glass resurfacing film austin san antonio

Exterior Refinishing

Chips, cracks, and discoloration in exterior glass can make even the most beautiful building look unappealing and outdated. When replacing glass isn’t practical due to budget constraints or the interruption that construction would cause, exterior window film is an excellent alternative. Complete your exterior refinishing project on time and in budget and restore your building to its original glory.

exterior building wrap austin san antonio

Exterior Building Wraps

Discover a creative way to advertise and promote your brand. Exterior building wraps turn physical properties into functional advertisements by adding color, graphics, and aesthetic appeal to building exteriors. Promote special events, sales, or your growing business with these modern, customizable vinyl window films.

energy saving window film austin san antonio

Energy Savings

Being overburdened by high energy costs can put limitations on your business and place you under unnecessary stress. Improve the energy efficiency of your property with our powerful commercial window films. Energy efficient window film controls heat and glare, creating a more comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone.

austin commercial decorative window film

Decorative & Promotional

Create a look that speaks to you and your audience. With decorative and promotional window film, you can create any aesthetic you desire and enhance the functionality and visual impact of your space. From classic frosted and sandblasted styles to patterned, color-changing, and high definition graphic films, we offer a variety of decorative and promotional window films to suit your needs.

glare window film austin san antonio

Glare Reduction

Glare has more impact on productivity than many business owners realize, causing hard-working employees to lose focus, become tired, or strain their eyes. Give your employees the work environment they deserve and watch productivity soar with glare reduction window film. Glare reduction window film softens sunlight and eliminates glare, all while keeping your interior bright and welcoming.

elevator refinishing austin san antonio

Elevator Refinishing

Keep your elevator fully operational while making repairs. Our surface films offer a convenient, low cost solution for elevator refinishing in Austin and San Antonio. Cover up unattractive marks, dings, and scratches and make your elevator look new and shiny once again!

uv protection fade window film austin

UV Protection

UV rays are the silent threat that invade our lives, inflicting harm on everything they touch including our skin, eyes, furniture, and floors. Protect your space from ultraviolet radiation with our powerful UV blocking window films. UV blocking window tint filters out 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays, preventing fading, damage to flooring, and skin disease.

mirror refinishing film austin san antonio

Mirror Refinishing

Our window films save money by providing business owners with an affordable solution for mirror refinishing. Perfect for fixing tarnished, corroded, scratched, and antique mirrors, window film conceals aesthetic flaws in reflective surfaces, giving them renewed shine and beauty.

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