earthquake mitigation window film

Earthquake Mitigation Window Film for Commercial Properties

When it comes to natural disasters, earthquakes can pose some of the most destructive events leading to serious damage and bodily risk. In order to keep building occupants safe, it’s critical to ensure your commercial property meets seismic code in addition to local regulations and property code. An often overlooked area for prepping against earthquake damage is the glass windows and doors. Earthquake mitigation window film, also known as seismic safety window film, delivers a premium, non-invasive solution to help commercial properties across the nation lower earthquake damage while maintaining regulatory compliance.

seismic safety window film

Minimize Broken Glass Hazards During Earthquakes With Seismic Safety Window Film

During an earthquake, the damage posed to buildings is what causes the most significant threat to people. Shaking, ground failure, and surface faulting can all happen, leading to serious bodily risks for any building occupants. It’s quite common for various structural parts to fail during earthquakes. Things like atriums, skylights, windows, and glass doors can become a major hazard, posing a severe risk of injury or even death. Broken glass hazards are one of the leading causes of these risks in earthquakes.

earthquake mitigation window film benefits

What Commercial Buildings Need Earthquake Mitigation Window Film?

This high-performing solution is a convenient, effective way to bring your commercial property up to seismic code. Earthquake mitigation window film is a great option for the following scenarios:

  • Ideal for any existing architecture dating back to the 1980s or prior
  • Properties that aren’t compliant with current seismic code regulations
  • Helps preserve original glass features in historic properties
  • Perfect for protecting tall glass features that are 9 feet or more from the ground
  • Property owners looking for a more affordable solution than window replacement
  • Upgrading annealed glass to tempered glass without the cost
seismic safety window film benefits

The Benefits of Earthquake Mitigation Window Film for Your Commercial Building

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is up to seismic code while ensuring building occupants remain safe during an earthquake. These innovative window film solutions deliver countless benefits, including:

  • Prevents glass hazard risks during an earthquake or natural disaster
  • Bring your commercial property up to seismic code regulations
  • Keep glass intact after a high-impact event like earthquakes
  • Cost-effective alternative to annealed glass window replacement
  • May minimize cleanup efforts and operational downtime after an event
earthquake safety window film

Work With the Nation’s Trusted Seismic Safety Window Film Expert

Custom Tint Solutions is honored to be the trusted seismic safety window film expert serving the nation. Contact us today to receive an estimate on earthquake mitigation window film for your commercial property. Our safety and security experts are always available to help you find the right solution for your needs.

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