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Commercial Window Tint for UV Protection in Austin and San Antonio

Keeping up appearances is important for attracting and retaining clients. But faded furniture and flooring can make your office look worn down and give your visitors the wrong impression. Enjoy a beautiful, vibrant space while letting ample sunlight into your office or commercial building with uv protection window film.

UV protection window film uses advanced spectrally selective technology to reject 99.9% of uv radiation that causes fading. Without window tint, you may feel like you have to keep the blinds or curtains closed in order to spare your space from the sunlight, but with uv protection film, you can feel these worries slip away. Your employees can enjoy the beautiful Texas landscape and sunshine and you can save money by being able to avoid having to repair faded floorboards or replace worn out furniture. It’s a comprehensive solution for taming the Texas sun and heat!

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Commercial Benefits of UV Blocking Tint

With 228 days of blue skies a year, Austin and San Antonio properties at constantly exposed to the sun. Unfiltered sunlight is extremely harmful to the dyes present in carpet, fabrics, and wood materials, and causes them to break down over time, resulting in an unattractive bleached appearance. All of this can be avoided with the simple application of uv blocking window tint. With uv blocking window tint for your Austin or San Antonio property, you can experience major advantages as a business such as:

  • Solar protection equivalent to SPF 1000
  • Protection from 99.9% of ultraviolet radiation
  • A healthier, more productive office
  • Reduced risk of warped wooden furniture and flooring
  • Beautiful and vibrant furniture that lasts over the years
uv fade protection window tint texas

UV Protection for Commercial Properties

Window tint can block up to 99.9% of UV rays. UV rays are the culprit of shortened product life, warped display merchandise, fading art, discolored floors and furniture, as well as considerable eye and skin disease. Protect your merchandise, interior valuables, and building occupants with UV blocking window tint.

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Don’t let your office, retail store, or property be ruined by vicious uv radiation. Get the solar protection you need to keep your space looking beautiful and attractive to customers and save money with uv blocking window tint for your Austin or San Antonio business. Call Custom Tint Solutions today!

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