Window Film Solutions for Spring, Texas

There are so many reasons to settle down in Spring. There are family-friendly activities like tubing at Wet ‘n’ Wild SplashTown and hiking through Spring Creek Greenway. Adults can also get away for their own fun at seasonal events such as Texas Wine and Art Festival or Houston Margarita Festival. Having beautiful, sunny weather makes outdoor fun possible, but can also cause long-term damage to residential homes. Spring homeowners from Lexington Woods to Birnam Wood and surrounding areas can fortify their homes with window film. Window film has many uses from including home safety to reducing energy bills. Continue reading about the benefits of window film below.

Preserve Your Spring Home Furnishings with Window Film

As a homeowner, you not only invest into your Spring home but also into furnishing the place. Did you know your furnishings can quickly lose value or need more frequent tune-ups because of sun damage? Window film preserves the beauty and value of your furniture and floors by blocking 99% of these harmful rays. By using window film in your home, your grandmother’s antique furniture and brand new floors can look stunning for years to come.

Window Film Bolsters Security for Homes in Spring

Spring is a safe suburb of Houston but any area in a vicinity to a large city can be susceptible to home intrusion. Spring residents can install window film to increase home security. Window film can also protect your home from flying debris during hurricane season. A layer of strong material also prevents glass from shattering and creating more damage. Rest easy at home knowing your home is safer and more secure, thanks to window film.

Window Film Reduces Energy Costs in Spring Homes

It can be hard to keep your Spring home cool during a hot Texas summer. Window film can dramatically lower your energy bills in the summer by insulating your windows from heat. Your home will absorb less heat, meaning you won’t have to pump as much air conditioning into your house to stay cool and comfortable. During the winter, window film also insulates your home from the cold so you can save on heating costs as well.

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