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Custom Tint Solutions is proud to extend our services to the Huntsville area. Window tinting has numerous benefits for Huntsville homes and businesses, from better comfort and energy efficiency to increased security, privacy, and more. Whether you’re looking to lower the energy costs for your home in Jones Valley, protect the floors in your historic Twickenham home from fading, or add security to your office in Lincoln Mill, we can help you find the right window film to meet your needs! With over fifteen years of experience, we are the most trusted experts in the area!

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Advantages of Window Tinting in Huntsville, Alabama

The way that we see architecture is changing and designers are looking for ways to make buildings stronger, more energy efficient, and visually appealing. Window tint is a modern revolution and versatile tool that allows property owners to address key architectural challenges and enhance their space. From historic properties in the Merrimack District to modern restaurants, offices, and hotels in Lowe Mill, West Huntsville, Harvest, and beyond, buildings of all types in Huntsville can benefit from window tinting.

Energy Savings & Comfort: Even though it’s surrounded by large plateaus and mountainous hills, Huntsville is still part of the south and is warmer than most U.S. states. Its humid subtropical climate makes summers warm and long. When it become hot and humid outside, window tinting can keep your Huntsville property cool and save you money on energy costs. With the potential to get a full payback in just 3-5 years, it’s practically an investment that pays for itself.

Glare Reduction: Sunshine and blue sky days are experienced in abundance in Huntsville. While the mild weather and sunlight can be enjoyable, it can also make glare a challenge in your home, office, or school. Glare reducing window tint provides a solution for mitigating the impacts of glare without darkening your interior.

UV Protection: Whether you live in a historic property or a newly constructed home, protecting your interior from the sun is critical. Sunlight carries UV radiation that can damage your furniture and flooring in a flash and also poses a serious health risk to your family or staff. Our UV blocking options provide outstanding protection against sun damage and offer priceless peace of mind.

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Safety & Security: While crime has improved in Huntsville in recent years, it is still considered to be higher than the U.S. average. During a standard year, crime rates average at about 53.7 per 1000 residents, with most crimes taking place in the downtown areas and southern part of the city. If you are concerned about crime, safety and security window film for your Huntsville property can provide you with peace of mind. Additionally, these films also provide natural disaster protection, which is important since Huntsville is in Dixie Alley. We highly recommend this option for schools, offices, high-end homes, retail spaces, and anywhere else where safety is a concern.

Decorative: If you’re looking to elevate your storefront or spruce up your interior, consider one of our many decorative options. Decorative film is a stylish solution for addressing privacy and aesthetic concerns within your space. Use it to create a charming accents or designs, advertise your brand or specials, refinish worn down surfaces, control visibility, and more. We offer a variety of options to meet your needs including surface films, privacy films, frosted, patterned, and textured options, custom graphics, and more!

Privacy: More and more, property owners are foregoing traditional privacy options like blinds and curtains in search of solutions that keep their space light and airy. Privacy film is the ideal way to conceal your interior without blocking out the sun. You can opt for a sophisticated reflective film with a shiny, metallic finish or choose from our many decorative or patterned options. Our designers can help you find the perfect solution for addressing all of your privacy needs.

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Anti-graffiti: Many of our customers come to us because of challenges related to graffiti. Graffiti can happen anywhere, but is particularly problematic in the educational and transit industries since repairs can quickly become financially cumbersome. Our anti-graffiti solutions provide property owners with a way to repair defaced surfaces at low cost while also guarding against future damage. Explore options for protecting mirrors, metal, glass, and more.

Exterior Resurfacing: Huntsville’s abundance of historic properties give the city its irresistible charm. While there is an imperative need to preserve historic architecture, aged window glass can be problematic in terms of aesthetics and energy efficiency. Our window films provide a way to restore worn exteriors and refinish glass at low cost. Explore options for adding beauty, energy efficiency, and security to your building’s exterior facades.

Custom Tint Solutions has many more window film options that promote savings, comfort, protection, privacy, and decor. We look forward to improving your Huntsville property!

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