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Casper Cloaking Window Film for Central Texas Businesses

In the era of the internet, privacy is a rare commodity these days. Everything is digital always on display, even the content you don’t want to be shared like private messages or client information. Custom Tint Solutions is proud to offer Casper Cloaking Window Film to Austin and San Antonio businesses seeking an innovative privacy solution for their tech-driven environment. By obstructing LED signaling, Casper Cloaking Window Films hide projector and computer screen contents, keeping communications private and secure.

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Meet Casper: the Technology Friendly Window Film

Your clients and employees trust you to keep their personal information confidential. There are times too when you need to communicate matters to a select group of people, but you don’t want the whole office to see the information you’re sharing. With Casper Cloaking Window Film, you can easily control who sees what and where in your office.

Created by the genius minds at Designtex, Casper Cloaking Film presents an innovative way to keep digital contents and confidential information private in open office spaces. Casper Cloakng Window Films block LED light, making digital screens appear black from outside of the room. Members of your meeting can see the information you’re sharing, but anyone on the other side of the glass will see nothing more than an empty screen. Privacy has never been easier.

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Features of Casper Cloaking Film

Glass walls are an elegant feature in an office, and encourage collaboration, transparency, and communication. But the only downside is that they make it almost impossible to get any sort of privacy. And privacy is something your clients can’t do without. With Casper Cloaking Window Film, you can obtain the privacy you need and keep your business running efficiently.

  • Obstructs only LED light, maintaining optimal brightness
  • Prevents contact information, messages, and data from falling into the wrong hands
  • Instills trust in employees and clients and provides comfort
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