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Window Replacement Alternative

Custom Tint Solutions is honored to provide leading window replacement alternative options for both residential and commercial properties. New windows are always a significant investment that requires a high financial and time commitment. While new windows can offer numerous benefits including energy savings, upgraded curb appeal, better soundproofing, and more, they require lengthy installations and can be very expensive. Window tinting offers an incredible alternative to window replacement that any property owner can take advantage of.

window tinting vs window replacement

Window Tinting vs. Window Replacement

Window tinting can offer an excellent alternative to window replacement. However, both options have their own pros and cons:

Window Tinting Pros and Cons

Window tinting offers the benefits of being cost-effective when compared to window replacement while delivering significant energy efficiency, UV protection, and glare reduction. Property owners can opt for upgrades like privacy, safety and security, decorative, and more. These highly versatile tints and films can provide better versatility for property dysfunction. Window tint also provides a quicker installation that can be completed in one day for residential properties and within days to weeks for commercial properties. On the downside, window tinting won’t offer the same property value improvement as window replacement. Well-maintained window tint can last for several years but won’t have the same lifespan as new windows. External tints can be used to conceal outdated windows for better curb appeal but won’t have the same aesthetic as newly installed windows.

Window Replacement Pros and Cons

Window replacement can offer numerous benefits for any property ranging from better curb appeal to energy savings. However, upgrades like UV protection and privacy will require a significant additional cost as these are likely custom or premium. Window replacement also requires a lengthy installation that can lead to inconvenience and operational downtime. On the upside, window replacement does add considerable value to any property and can last for decades.

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Custom Tint Solutions is honored to be the leading window tinting contractor located in Central Texas. We offer the most comprehensive window tinting services for homes and businesses and would love to help you find the ideal option for your property. For more information regarding window replacement alternatives, please contact us!

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