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Commercial Window Tint for Energy Savings in Austin and San Antonio

Commercial property owners in the Austin and San Antonio area understand the financial struggle of high energy costs. With the harsh Texas sun, humid climate conditions, and seasonal weather extremes, lowering energy usage can seem impossible. Energy efficient window tint offers a cost-effective solution for Texas commercial property owners that can actually be more effective than window replacement.

From high rise office buildings in downtown Austin to historic churches in San Antonio, properties of all types can benefit from energy efficient window tint. Energy efficient window tint extends the lifetime of hvac equipment by preventing exhaustion, lowers utility costs by one third annually, and is so effective that it’s average ROI is only three years!

commercial window film austin san antonio

How Does Window Tinting Make My Windows More Energy Efficient?

Window tinting has long been utilized as a way to enhance the performance on glass, but only recently has it evolved into the advanced technology that it is today. Window tint used to be made of simple sheets of polyester that were coated with dark dyes that block out light. Today’s window tint, however, is much different and in most cases actually increases visible light transmission.

Energy saving window film is created using thick, tear resistant sheets of polyester that have reflecting materials woven into their composition. These substances can vary, but among the most common are metal and ceramic. Once in place, the films act like a filter that sorts through the different frequencies of light. Infrared rays, which cause solar heat gain, are blocked while the transmission of visible light is encouraged. The result is an improvement in the insulation of glass, a better functioning hvac system, and a cooler indoor environment.

energy saving window film austin san antonio

Commercial Benefits of Energy Saving Tint

Energy costs are one of the largest expenses of running a business. Businesses spend hundreds of dollars each year on heating and cooling costs, much of which is the result of poor window insulation. Window tint provides Austin and San Antonio business owners with a way to save money on operational costs while improving indoor comfort.

  • Saves up to 30% on energy costs annually
  • Improves employee comfort, focus, and productivity
  • Reduces costs for artificial lighting
  • Improves buyer and guest experience
  • Protects merchandise, flooring, and furniture from UV rays
commercial energy efficient window tint austin san antonio

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