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Custom Tint Solutions is honored to be the trusted 3M window tinting contractor in the Austin and San Antonio area. 3M is one of the most innovative and reputable window tinting manufacturers in the world and has made amazing contributions to window tinting. We’re proud to carry 3M’s full line of commercial and residential window tint solutions. We also serve residents throughout the New Braunfels, San Marcos, Round Rock, and Georgetown area.

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3M Sun Control Window Tint

3M Sun Control Commercial Window Tints are designed to reduce heat, glare, and UV rays for added indoor comfort and protection against the Texas elements. With 3M Sun Control Window Tint for your Austin and San Antonio home or office, you can experience serious energy savings year round and enjoy a bright, welcoming, and comfortable space.

  • Great ROI: provides a full payback in 3 years or less
  • Reduce solar heat gain by up to 79% during the summer
  • Retain heat during the winter for improved indoor comfort
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3M Safety & Security Window Film

3M Safety & Security Window Films are created from high grade polyester that’s designed to strengthen and reinforce glass for protection against break-ins, natural disasters, and other threats. With 3M Safety & Security Film, you can get the protection you need as well as total comfort and peace of mind. Great for both residential and commercial applications in Austin and San Antonio.

  • Tear resistant material deters intruders and reduces risk of injury
  • Protect against break-ins and burglaries while maintaining a welcoming appearance
  • Mitigate damage from blasts, natural disasters, and other dangers

3M Fasara Decorative Window Film

3M Fasara Decorative Window Films allow you to customize your interior and create a warm, inviting space. 3M Fasara Decorative Films transform ordinary glass into captivating works of art and look beautiful in virtually any setting.

  • Create the upscale look of custom glass at a fraction of the cost
  • Provide privacy and discreetly conceal areas from the public
  • Available in a variety of styles such as frosted, dusted, textured, and more
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3M Daylight Redirecting Film

3M Daylight Redirecting Window Film is engineered specifically for commercial application in Austin and San Antonio office buildings and businesses. 3M Daylight Redirecting Window Tint can redirect natural light as deep as 40 feet into your office building or public building.

  • Lowered lighting costs
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Improved student test scores
  • Quicker patient recovery times
  • Decreased absentee rates
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3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Tint

3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Tint offers Austin and San Antonio residential and commercial building owners an opportunity to save significantly on heating and cooling costs. 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Tint acts as a thick layer of insulation for your windows, providing a more effective and affordable product than window replacement.

  • Increased energy savings
  • Can help with LEED certification
  • Increased comfort and consistent internal temperature

3M Window Film For San Antonio/Austin Area Homes

As a homeowner here in the San Antonio area we have no doubt you want your home to be as comfortable and functional as possible. This is why 3M window film is often the solution people who come to us with a variety of needs end up choosing.  These amazing films work in so many different ways to improve how homes function. From saving you money to insulating–3M window films are a great addition to any San Antonio home.

Eliminate Hot And Cold Spots: 3M window films work by reflecting and dispersing heat back into the open spaces of your home.  This means during the summer you won’t feel hot spots by windows and during winter there won’t be a chill radiating in from outside. In fact, with 3M window film, you will all but eliminate hot and cold spots completely! Ultimately, this protection from the elements will save you money on your home heating and cooling bills all year round and may even make you eligible for green tax credits too.

Reduce Glare: Don’t let the temperate San Antonio climate fool you–glare here in Texas is a real struggle.  It reduces visibility on screens at certain times of day and makes the room hotter too.  You simply can’t be comfortable in your San Antonio home when glare is an issue.  In fact, some people avoid southern or western facing rooms altogether because of the afternoon glare.  By having 3M™ Window Film installed to control excessive light, you take back those rooms to enjoy any time of day and have perfect clarity on tv screens and computer monitors. 

Block Harmful UV Rays: 3M window film lets you filter the light coming through your San Antonio home’s windows, so you get the light you love but still block up to 99% of harmful UV rays.  This means your skin and your furnishings stay protected even at peak hours of sunlight throughout the day.

3M Window Film For Commercial Applications

No matter what solution you need window film to solve on your San Antonio commercial space, 3M makes an excellent choice!.  From beefing up security on your San Antonio retail store, sto stopping the glare of the sun through the windows of your high-rise office this window film brand performs better than any film on the market.  Known worldwide as an industry leader, these window film and tint products will ultimately make your commercial investment more profitable. 

Increased Safety And Security: 3M safety and security films are incredible.  They are among the strongest and most trusted in the security film category and accepted as the industry standard.  These powerful protective window films are specifically made to protect people and property.  They offer this protection through sound design and top-notch manufacturing.  3M Security films will protect your commercial space from everything from accidents to natural disasters and break-ins to bomb blasts.

Reduce Energy Costs: 3M manufactures a variety of films aimed at saving your commercial space money.  It does this through many vectors. Their amazing solar control window films stop heat at the source–the glass on your window.  3M Thinsulate acts as an additional layer of insulation.  This traps the air you pay to heat and cool inside which in turn cuts back on the amount of time you need to run your HVAC.  3M Daylight Redirecting films work to cut back on your energy expenses by casting light deeper into your space thereby reducing the need to use artificial lights inside

Enhanced Decor + Privacy: A fantastic solution for privacy in your San Antonio business space is 3M window film.  The days of open office set-ups often make it hard for office workers to find even a modicum of privacy.  By using 3M window films on glass windows, doors, and cubicles, office managers create private spaces without any loss of style. Because with 3M privacy and decoration films, you get the look of etched, sandblasted, or frosted–at a fraction of the cost of real glass! These films are also perfect for logos and branding on glass windows and doors too.

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