Central Texas homes enjoy almost year-round sunshine, experiencing some incredible benefits that are exclusive to these properties. With many of us spending more time at home, you can begin noticing the spike in heat during the summer months and the need for more air conditioning in your residential property. Instead of paying high prices for energy use, it’s always a good time to find energy-efficient benefits for reducing your costs. Energy-saving window film is a great ROI that provides significant benefits for any home in the Austin and San Antonio area.

The Benefits of Energy-Saving Window Film for Your Central Texas Home

Energy-saving window film provides excellent solar heat rejection properties and significant insulation for your home’s windows and glass doors. While window replacement is the popular option for improving energy efficiency, this is a wonderful alternative that has a faster installation and doesn’t require any major renovations. By eliminating cold/hot spots throughout your home, you’ll enjoy more consistent temperatures throughout. Homeowners can typically enjoy 30% savings during summer months and 10% to 15% savings during the winter months. This provides a great ROI that can be paid back in full in just three years in energy savings alone. Many energy-efficient window films also have the added benefits of glare reduction, UV protection, privacy, and more.

Work with Central Texas’ Leading Energy-Saving Window Film Specialists

Custom Tint Solutions is honored to be the leading energy-saving window film specialist serving the Central Texas area. Our team is available during our normal business hours and is providing virtual consultations for all of your needs. We also provide energy audits if you’re curious about your property’s energy consumption and usage. With the largest selection of energy-saving window film, we guarantee we’ll have the right option for you.

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