Window Tint for Austin & San Antonio Churches & Religious Buildings

The Austin and San Antonio area is home to diverse religious communities.   From towering Mormon Tabernacles in Arsenal to lovely catholic cathedrals in the Alamo Heights neighborhood.  These places of worship are another type of structure that window film is very beneficial for.  Adding privacy, beauty, security, and energy efficiency are all possible for churches to do cost-effectively with window film applications.  At Custom Tint Solutions we are well versed in working with religious organizations. We are always happy to work with church board members on both new construction and remodeling projects. Whether your goal is to protect against UV rays, add decoration or aesthetic enhancements, or guard against graffiti, we can find the perfect solution based on your Austin or San Antonio church’s unique needs.

Improve Indoor Comfort Energy-Efficient  Window Film for Churches

Just like any other building where people gather–churches have special needs when it comes to heating and cooling.  Church spaces are often large and airy–meaning utility bills are high year-round.  What’s more, these spaces need to be comfortable for churchgoers to meet and worship without distraction.  This is where window film fits the bill.  Our  Window tint can help keep your Austin or San Antonio church comfortable year-round and save money.  From lowering a/c usage in the summer to eliminating hot and cold spots during the winter–window film technology is perfect for churches here in the entire San Antonio, Austin, New Braunfels, and San Marcos area.  No matter if it’s cold and snowing outside or warm and sunny, window film can help make sure that your church stays at exactly the right temperature, increase the efficiency of your HVAC system, and save up to 30% on energy costs.

Security Window Films to Protect Churches Against Ballistics and Bombs 

Sadly we live in a day and age where attacks on churches are far too common. Even though the San Antonio and Austin area is relatively safe–these types of attacks can happen anywhere.  This is why churches need to consider ways to protect their congregants from attacks involving both guns or bombs. Our high-tech window security films are made to stand up to these types of attacks.  In the event of a bullet strike or bomb blast, glass stays attached to the bomb blast or ballistic resistant films.  This is because here at Custom Tint Solutions we use powerful tear-resistant security films applied with C-bond adhesive and fit into specialty frames.  This combination stops glass shards and the glass sheet itself from being thrown from the window during the attack.  Not only does this protect the people inside your church from shrapnel but delays the attacker from entering through windows quickly.  So your church members will have more time to run, hide and escape during one of these horrible attacks. This also allows authorities ample time to arrive and confront the attacker.

Anti-Graffiti Window Films Keeps Austin or San Antonio Churches Looking Beautiful

Churches here in the San Antonio/Austin area and across the country often find themselves victims of graffiti.  From the bathrooms in these facilities to their gorgeous stained glass windows–vandals often target church features.  With stained glass especially graffiti damage can cost into the thousands.  Also, if left to sit will often attract even more tags and scratches. For these reasons, anti-graffiti films make a lot of sense for Austin and San Antonio houses of God.  Here at Custom Tint Solutions, we carry graffiti removal and prevention films.  For bathrooms, we have metal and mirrored films to cover over marks and scratches on stalls and mirrors.  For stained glass, we carry clear glass anti-graffiti films.  These films can be custom cut to any shape or size that your stained glass window necessitates.  Should a vandal paint, tag, scratch or etch the stained glass of your Austin church, the sacrificial film will protect the stained glass beneath.  Then the film is removed and replaced at a fraction of the cost of stained glass repair or replacement due to graffiti.

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