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Ballistic-Resistant Window Film Options for Your Commercial Property

The world can be a dangerous place. Not everyone has the best of intentions and there’s really no knowing where or when disaster will strike. Unfortunately, commercial buildings throughout the country are no strangers to gun attacks and crimes– that’s why there are ballistic-resistant window film systems. Ballistic-resistant window film systems are perfect for schools, government buildings, religious properties, and any commercial property. These advanced security systems guard against everything from everyday nuisances like flying rocks and golf balls to serious dangers like gunfire, intruders, explosives, and natural disasters.

Benefits of Ballistic Resistant Window Film for Schools

Defend Your Property Against Countless Threats

From accidents to intrusions, there are countless threats that can impact your commercial property. Since the windows and glass doors are the most vulnerable areas of any building, it’s critical to have some sort of preventative security system in place. Security bars are an undesirable solution that can draw negative attention and don’t work effectively against all threats. Security window film options like premium ballistic-resistant film systems can deliver a comprehensive solution for protecting building occupants and valuables. 

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About Ballistic-Resistant Window Film Systems

Ballistic-resistant window film systems are a new type of security window film technology that is enhanced with a special priming agent called C-Bond. During installation, C-Bond penetrates deep into the pores of glass where it reconfigures its molecular structure into a more web-like design. This makes the glass stronger and more resistant to shattering. When combined with multiple layers of film, C-Bond systems are so effective that they can resist extremely high levels of impact and energy. Enjoy resistance against gunfire, explosions, and other high-impact events.

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Advantages of Ballistic Resistant Window Film

Since ballistic-resistant window film systems are so effective, they are now being installed in schools, military buildings, and public areas all across the country. Installing a ballistic-resistant window film system can provide many advantages including:

  • Protects glass from rocks, golf balls, and construction equipment
  • Provides resistance against gunfire, explosions, and intrusions
  • Delivers additional response time and time for building occupants to hide during an event
  • Defends against wind speeds up to 140 mph
  • Minimizes operational downtimes for faster recovery and easier cleanup
  • One-way shooting capability available

Shatter Resistant Window Film Market Survey Report
C-Bond Ballistic Resistant System Performance Data Sheet

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Work With the Nation’s Trusted Ballistic-Resistant Window Film Expert

If you are interested in installing ballistic-resistant window film for your school, government building, or commercial property, please contact our office. We offer professional security assessments and can provide guidance regarding tactical installations and recommendations on various security film options. We would be more than happy to provide you with an estimate for your project or answer any questions that you may have.

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