Window Tinting for Austin & San Antonio Museums & Libraries

Austin and San Antonio are home to many magnificent museums and libraries that draw in tourists from around the country and people from right here in these wonderful cities. They are a part of our culture and a way of preserving the history of this great Central Texas area for future generations.   The items inside these institutions are priceless.  This means they need to be protected from various threats. At Custom Tint Solutions, we are proud to be part of the mission of maintaining and protecting these wonderful treasures.  This is why we offer our professional services to all museums, libraries, art galleries, and theaters in the San Antonio, Austin, Round Rock, and New Braunfels area. From protecting cherished artifacts from theft and/or accidental damage to stopping books and artwork from being destroyed by the Texas sun–our services and window tint products are vital to Museums and Libraries.

UV Blocking Window Tint For Libraries in the Austin/San Antonio Area

UV rays are invisible but utterly detrimental to most materials.  This is especially true of aging paper, canvas, and fabric.  As such, Austin and San Antonio Museums and LIbraries need to be sure to keep UV out of their interiors.  While curtains and shade are a way to partially obscure the sun rays–they offer little to no UV protection. Certainly not the level of protection that artifacts need to be preserved for future generations.  UV blocking window film is the best way to block the UV radiation.  It blocks up to 99.9% of the sun’s rays that devastated the aged artifacts in Libraries and Galleries.  What’s more, UV blocking window tints don’t darken spaces.  This means not only will your Austin or San Antonio gallery protect the artwork and historical memorabilia from being destroyed but also allow in the natural light necessary to view these items properly.  This is great for the artwork and books and the thousands of people who come to the San Antonio, Austin, Round Rock, and New Braunfels area to enjoy our wonderful museums and galleries.

Prevent Theft and Vandalism in Austin Libraries with Security FIlms

Libraries and museums hold items that are very valuable.  From the paintings and historical texts in libraries here to jewels and historical artifacts in museums–all are vulnerable targets to jewel snatchers, thieves, and pesky vandals.  The weakest point of any building is it’s glass windows and doors.  They are vulnerable to be smashed and quickly penetrated before help can arrive.  This is why security film is an absolute must when it comes to protecting your Austin or San Antonio area museum or library.  With these powerful films applied to windows, the glass will shatter when struck but stay adhered to the film.  This means a would-be art thief will have to work harder and longer to actually get inside an institution that holds valuable goods. Another great benefit of the glass staying put is the artwork is protected from potentially damaging glass shrapnel even if someone attempts a heist.  With just one simple application, you can get the protection and peace of mind that comes with a holistic security system for museums and galleries in the Austin/San Antonio area.

Energy-Efficient Window Film for Savings and Climate Control

The Austin and San Antonio areas are incredibly hot in the summer and, sometimes, into spring and fall. While our winters here are comparatively temperate–the temperatures can plunge quickly in winter.  This makes heating and cooling here in the San Antonio, Austin, Round Rock, and New Braunfels area expensive.  In summer this is due to heat transfer through windows and A/C running constantly (and inefficiently).  In winter it is due to heated air leaking out of untreated windows at a rapid clip.  In fact, all together windows could be responsible for up to 25-30% additional spending on utilities from loss of heated or cooled air. For large open spaces like museums and galleries and libraries, this is extra problematic.  This is why energy-efficient window film is so great for Austin/San Antonio locations such as these. They keep treated air trapped inside and reduced solar heat gain on windows.  A combination that not only lowers utility bills and HVAC repair costs but keeps patrons more comfortable to enjoy the museum or library experience.

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