Bird Strike Prevention Window Film for Commercial Properties

Glass’s reflective properties are the main reason for collisions. Birds do not perceive glass as a barrier because its exterior reflects its surroundings. The birds assume that the glass is in their clear flight path when they see the environment reflected in it, such as the trees and sky, and fly into it. Any window, no matter how big or small, can kill. Applying CollidEscape to the outside of a window will prevent birds from seeing the reflection of the outside surface as a continuation of their surroundings. These collisions frequently kill or stun birds, who later pass away from internal injuries. Every year in the United States, it is estimated that one billion birds perish as a result of window collisions.

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Bird Safety Window Film for Residential and Commercial Properties

Residential homes account for 44% of window strikes, with low-rise buildings accounting for the majority of these incidents (56 percent ). Less than 1% take place in tall buildings. This is due to the fact that there are 123 million residential homes in the country, as opposed to 22,000 high rises, and 15 million low-rise buildings. Window film is a scientifically-proven way to reduce bird collisions. Many studies support window film’s effectiveness for bird safety.

Benefits of Bird Strike Prevention Film for Your Property

A tested method to stop birds from crashing into windows is bird strike prevention window film, also known as bird safety window film, fritted window film, or bird collision prevention window film. Prevention window films are noticeable to both mature and immature birds of all species using straightforward adhesive window decals that are applied to exterior glass at predetermined spacing intervals. Frosted or etched decals create a gridded pattern that’s almost invisible to the naked eye, alerting birds of no feasible passage way. They offer several advantages as some of the best window decals to shield birds from window collisions, including:

  • Longevity – Supported by a 6-year product warranty, these bird strike window decals have an expected lifespan in excess of 8 years and are not affected by routine window cleaning. DIY gid patterns only last a few weeks to a month – window film delivers an effective solution for years.
  • Affordability – Not only is our window film easy to install and replace but in terms of building maintenance, time and money can be saved by reducing the need to locate and dispose of birds that have struck your building’s windows. Window film is also the more affordable alternative to fritted glass replacement.
  • Visibility – Unlike some solutions that prevent birds from hitting windows, bird strike prevention window film provides in excess of 98% clear viewing, maintaining optical clarity for building occupants.
  • Appearance – Window markers are unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing designs that maintain the natural appearance and architectural features of a building. Only visible when up close, these films won’t compromise the appearance of your residential or commercial property.

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bird safety window film

Types of Bird Collision Prevention Window Film Available

We’ve proudly partnered with all the leading bird collision prevention window film manufacturers to provide our residential and commercial clients with the best options available.

  • Solyx Bird Safety Window Film: Solyx offers 6 different options for bird safety film. From simple frosted vertical lines to colorful nature-inspired patterns, you can choose the right aesthetic option for your needs while promoting bird safety.
  • Feather Friendly Bird Collision Window Film: With both commercial and residential solutions available, Feather Friendly is available in 10 stock patterns for preventing bird collisions. They also offer custom patterns and colors in addition to bird safety decal printing for energy-saving and security window film.
  • Solar Gard byDESIGN Modern Bird Strike Window Film: Choose from 3 standard patterns that help maintain visible light transmission, reduce glass reflectivity, and deliver effective bird strike prevention.

Work With the Nation’s Trusted Bird Safety Window Film Expert

Take advantage of this effective, affordable solution and start improving your home with bird strike prevention window film today. Contact Custom Tint Solutions today to receive an estimate on fritted bird safety window film for your home or business. We offer free consultations and are always available to help you find the right investment for your specific property needs.

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