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Mirror Refinishing for Austin and San Antonio Commercial Properties

Mirrors are always an expensive investment regardless of the property type they’re housed in. Damaged or corroded mirrors can really tarnish the image of any commercial property making it vital to keep them in good shape. Replacing mirrors can definitely be out-of-budget making it difficult for hotel owners to keep them in good condition. Mirror refinishing offers a cost-effective option that lowers replacement fees while keeping mirrors in great condition at all times.

mirror refinishing austin san antonio

Benefits of Mirror Refinishing for Austin and San Antonio Commercial Properties

Damaged and corroded mirrors can really make any establishment look run down and unprofessional. This can give tenants and guests the wrong impression of your property. Mirror refinishing not only optimizes aesthetics, it also protects against further damage.

  • Thick, durable film strong enough to withstand acid etching and corrosion
  • Sacrificial layer that is easy to remove and replace by professionals
  • Mimics the appearance of mirrored surfaces
  • Invisible protection undetectable to the general public
  • Tamperproof film applied with commercial-grade adhesive
mirror film austin san antonio

Mirror Refinishing Applications

Austin and San Antonio properties have a lot to benefit from mirror refinishing. Properties among all industries can take advantage of this premier service.

  • Hotels, motels, and hospitality
  • Restaurants
  • Retail spaces and storefronts
  • Public buildings
  • Mirrored surfaces in any commercial property susceptible to vandalism
  • Mirrors exposed to moisture– bathrooms, locker rooms, etc.
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