Residential Window Tint for Fade Protection in Austin and San Antonio

You’ve invested a lot into your home; keeping it protected from harm, including uv rays from the sun, is important. Shielding your wood floors, furniture, and belongings from the sun’s damaging rays is important for preserving their condition and vibrancy. Without some sort of uv protection, your beautiful furniture, artwork, and decorative items like throw blankets and window draperies will quickly wither away from the constant Texas sun.

With uv blocking window tint, you can rest assured that your San Antonio or Austin home has the solar protection it needs. Uv protection window film combines the power of robust uv rejecting materials like silver and ceramic with durable, high grade film to provide advanced spectrally filtering technology for your windows. The film is installed on the outer or inner part of your window panes, where it works to block out 99.9% of uv radiation, providing solar protection equivalent to nearly SPF 1000!


Fade Protection Benefits of UV Blocking Window Tint

If you’ve ever left a beach towel out by the pool, you know the devastation that the sun causes to fabric. Uv radiation and colors simply do not mix. When the two come into contact, uv radiation destroys the molecular composition of color dyes. Over time, this results in a faded or bleached look in fabrics. The effects that uv rays have on wood floors are similar, with the addition of even more intensive damage that results in warping.

Window tint keeps your home looking beautiful and vibrant by protecting it from uv radiation. UV protection film can help preserve the vibrancy and life expectancy of many items in your home including:

  • Wood floors, rugs, and carpets
  • Indoor window coverings
  • Artwork, pottery, and antiques
  • Sofas, couches, and other furniture

Health Benefits of UV Protection Window Tinting

In addition to causing harm to your furniture, UV radiation can also pose serious risk to your family’s health. Numerous studies have been conducted that show the connection between UV exposure and cancer, heart disease, eye disease, and other bodily ailments. Installing window tint from your home can help limit your family’s exposure to UV radiation while keeping them safe and healthy. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends installing window film on all residential and commercial properties throughout Central Texas.

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