bomb blast protection window film austin san antonio

Window Film for Bomb Blast Protection in Austin and San Antonio

In recent years, violent crime rates have risen greatly for many major US cities, including Austin and San Antonio. Violent crimes are a pressing concern for many of Central Texas’ urban areas and older neighborhoods, calling for the need for advanced security methods. Bomb blast protection window film provides Austin and San Antonio schools, businesses, and government buildings with a solution for defending against violent acts. Bomb blast protection window film mitigates the risk of damage and injury from blasts, while keeping building occupants safe.

bomb blast window film austin san antonio

About Bomb Blast Protection Window Film

Bomb blast protection window film is a type of security window system that’s designed to absorb impact and protect buildings and occupants from blast related events. Security film is applied in layers and is reinforced with a security attachment system to keep it in place. During impact, the film absorbs energy and dissipates it sideways instead of allowing it to concentrate in one area– preventing the glass from bursting apart into shards.

bomb blast security film austin san antonio

Advantages of Bomb Blast Protection Film for Austin and San Antonio Commercial Properties

There’s no telling when disaster will strike. With bomb blast protection film, you can be prepared for danger at all hours of the day. Bomb blast protection film can provide you with the advanced security you need to keep your building and occupants safe, while mitigating damage from broken glass.

  • Absorbs impact from blasts and holds glass fragments securely in place
  • Mitigates damage from shattered glass and minimizes operation down times
  • Protects staff, students, and occupants from dangerous glass shards
  • Deters intruders by creating a tear resistant barrier for doors and windows
bomb blast protection film austin san antonio tx

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