San Antonio is known as a military town. With an abundance of government buildings and military bases, these properties must find ways to make safety a priority. Security cameras, systems, and personnel are all a part of the basics and do a great job deterring most unfortunate events. There are, however, certain threats that can’t be mitigated through these means of security. Ballistic resistant window film provides the most comprehensive safety solutions that acts as a second line of defense when all other security means fail.

Advantages of Ballistic Resistant Window Film for Your San Antonio Government Building

Ballistic resistant window film is the only security system that can defend building occupants, property valuables, and important information from gunfire, explosions, natural disasters, burglaries, break-ins, freak accidents, and more. By bonding glass fragments together after impact, glass hazards are pacified in order to reduce to rate of significant injury and blast-related death. Unfortunately, bulletproof glass does not exist yet but ballistic resistant window film is the closest thing. Assailants will eventually gain access to your property but the amount of extra precious time given allows building occupants to evacuate or find better places to hide until the police arrive. Perfect for government properties, ballistic resistant window film is the only product that defends against both gunshots and explosions.

Security Assessment for Ballistic Resistant Window Film for San Antonio Government Buildings

Custom Tint Solutions has the most experienced ballistic resistant window film specialists in the San Antonio area. We’ve worked with high security properties and understand the importance of discretion as well as the different standard of security that is required. We provide in-depth security assessments that determine the best recommendations for your specific property.

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