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Window Film Maintenance and Care for Central Texas

Window film offers a great investment for properties throughout Austin, San Antonio, and Central Texas. Now that you have window film installed on your property, you’ll want to know the proper maintenance and care required. While this is very rare, some cases have been reported where windows appear foggy or hazy after installation. This is due to condensation buildup and will dissipate in a few days.

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Window Film Care Post-Installation

Do not clean your window film for 30 days after installation! While rare, some window film may appear hazy or cloudy immediately after installation. Not to worry as this will dissipate and your windows will become optically clear after the full cure period. Depending on weather conditions, your window film should be properly cured after 30 days. Do not clean your window film during this period of time to ensure you don’t interfere with the cure process.

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Window Film Care and Cleaning

For both internal and external window films, you never want to apply heavy pressure. Avoid popping any bubbles that may show up post-installation as these are a normal part of the drying process. If you pop a bubble, this can create a hole that comprises the integrity of the film allowing moisture to get behind it. Please contact us immediately if this occurs.

Interior Window Film Cleaning

Window film is a lot less porous than glass so it won’t require cleaning as often. When you’re ready to clean your windows, you can feel free to use any commercial glass cleaner or a mixture of mild dish detergent and water. Always find something soft and non-abrasive to clean your windows with like a microfiber cloth or paper towel. Some brands of paper towels are coarse enough to create fine scratches in film– make sure to always use softer options to avoid this. Never use abrasive sponges or bristle brushes on your window film. It’s important to always dry the window thoroughly after washing. A soft cloth or rubber squeegee can also be used for drying. If you leave moisture on top of your window film, it runs the risk of getting underneath which can lead to bubbling or other concerns.

While additional maintenance isn’t required, property owners can also apply silicone polish periodically to their windows in order to keep them looking luminous and help prevent any scratches.

External Window Film Cleaning

The same care and cleaning should be applied to external window films. While these products are designed to be more durable, we highly recommend utilizing the same methodology.

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