daylight redirection film austin san antonio

Daylight Redirecting Film Changes The Way You Live And Work

Daylight redirecting window film is a simple and effective solution to a number of issues that arise from excessive glare through windows.  Not only does It increase natural light by redirecting it deeper into your building but also provides superior temperature control.  With daylight redirecting film you no longer have to worry about hot and cold spots in your home or workplaces.  Also, when the bright Texas sun is well controlled you never have to worry about glare on screens impeding your workflow or excessive glare stopping you from enjoying the favorite rooms of your house. Best of all it is easily integrated onto existing windows new or old and requires little to no maintenance or special care. Whether in a home or office setting this technologically advanced film works to provide immediate and long-term benefits to homes and high rises. 

daylight redirecting film austin san antonio

Daylight Redirecting Film for Businesses

When you optimize the natural light coming into your commercial space you not only create a better working environment you optimize profitability.   In fact, daylight redirecting film is proven to have a number of benefits for commercial building owners and their tenants too.  The days of ultra-high utilities and tenants unhappy with too much glare or sun are over when you install daylight redirecting film on your commercial investment.

For Commercial Tenants It Means:

  • Increased productivity
  • Better retail sales
  • Decreased absenteeism rates

For Commercial Building Owners It Means:

  • Longer tenancy
  • Higher end tenants
  • Significantly lower utility bills
daylight redirecting window film texas

Daylight Redirecting Film for Homes

The immediate benefits of daylight redirecting film are more light being redirected into in places you need it in your home–up to 40 feet deeper in fact.  It also drastically reduces glare, allowing you to take back the favorite rooms of your house from intense afternoon glare. What our residential customers love most about this film, however, is the energy savings they see on their utility bills initially and for years to come.

Facts and Figures on Daylight Redirecting Film for Homes

  • Daylight Redirecting Film saves up to 1.5 kwh per sq ft
  • Daylight Redirecting Film redirects up to 80% of the sun’s natural light to the ceiling
  • Daylight Redirecting Film redirects light as far as 40ft into rooms

For homeowners this means:

  • Lower Utility Bills
  • More Filtered Natural Light
  • Less Fading Of Furnishings

Daylight Redirecting Film: Big Benefits For Big Business

Improves Employee Focus

There is nothing harder to do than focus at work when you have the glare of the sun beating down on you.  More than just hot, it is a major distraction that window film nearly eliminates.

Eliminates Screen Glare

For any business, being able to see and use screens is essential to success. Which is why window film is necessary for your employees to move at the speed of business in a high-tech and fast-paced world.

Saves Money On Energy

Commercial spaces spend a disproportionate amount of money on utilities and a lot of this waste comes from solar heat gain build up on windows, which window film readily rids you of.

Increases Employee Productivity

Studies have shown that when glare is reduced from windows in offices, employees work harder and faster, which is a very compelling reason for any commercial space to add glare-reducing window film.

Optimizes Buyer Experience

Buyers are a business’s most important asset, so protecting them from glare with window film products should be priority number one for any business trying to make money.

Protects Against UV Rays

UV rays contain dangerous radiation that corrodes, which is why glare-reducing window film, that blocks these rays, is essential for protecting your commercial building’s furnishings and floors.

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