Window Tinting for Austin and San Antonio Hotels

Whether you own a small bed and breakfast in Prospect Hill or a 30 story hotel in the Waller Creek District–window film has some impressive benefits for your San Antonio or Austin hospitality location. Window films and tints come in endless varieties to solve any number of issues from windows or flat surfaces. It is not only an instrumental technology for hotels–it is a way to increase profitability and retain guests too. In fact, most window films have an ROI in as little as three years when it comes to energy savings. So whether you are looking to take the profile of your hotel, inn, or motel up a notch or trying to make guests more comfortable–there is a window tinting solution for you. Here at Custom Tint Solutions, we have the window film solutions you need to succeed. We serve the entire San Antonio, Austin, New Braunfels, and San Marcos area, and we would love to partner with your hospitality organization!

Window Tints to Save San Antonio/Austin Hotels on Utility Bills

When it comes to running a hotel anywhere in the country, utility bills can be enormous. While you can’t control the amount of electricity and heat guests use–you can optimize your hotel’s performance. One way to get the most out of your HVAC systems and keep guests comfortable all year round is by using window tint to insulate your Austin hotel’s windows. Not only will these energy-efficient window films keep the air you pay to heat and cool inside–they will also reduce solar heat gain on windows. This means massive savings on energy bills along with dramatically improved guest comfort with the elimination of hot and cold spots. 

When it comes to energy savings, window film is one of the most efficient upgrades available for Austin and San Antonio area hotels. 

  • Window film offers year-round climate control solution that could save hotels thousands each year.
  • Window tint helps save up to 30% on hotel/motel energy costs annually
  • Window film keeps guests more comfortable and more likely to return

Safety and Protection for Austin Hotel Staff and Guests

Whether broken intentionally or by accident, glass shards can be hazardous to the staff and guests in your hotel. Our high-tech security film improves the structural integrity of glass by making it stronger and more resistant to shattering. It secures broken glass in place and mitigates damage and injury from window fragments. It can be used to protect from flying glass during natural disasters to bullets, bombs, and slip and falls. In fact, safety and security glass are so powerful it is a workaround for tempered glass and will save your Austin hotel thousands in window replacement should you need to bring the glass in your establishment up to code.  

  • Keeps intruders at bay and guests and staff safer in the case of ballistics or bomb attack
  • It blocks UV rays protecting your staff and guests protected from UV exposure.
  • Makes slippery areas with glass features like pools and hot tubs less harmful in the case of a slip and fall

Decorative Window Film for Hotel Privacy & Improved Decor

San Antonio and Austin are bustling tourist cities and generate quite a bit of tourist income each year for hotels here. While there may be quite a bit of demand for hotel accommodations, there is also a lot of competition. Decorative window film is the latest type of visual branding being used by large corporate hotels to small single location boutique hotels to set themselves apart. From front windows with a hip graphic and logo to interior glass stylized with frost patterns to create privacy in hotel common areas–the uses for decorative window film in hotels are endless. The sky’s the limit for Austin hotel owners and managers; choose from frosted or textured styles for a classic look or go bold with dichroic or custom graphic prints. No matter what you choose–the window film on your San Antonio hospitality location is sure to impress.

  • Decorative window films on front windows to attract guests and brand your location
  • 3M Di Noc Surface films to quickly and cost-effectively update finishes on flat surfaces
  • Keeps guests coming back because of more comfortable and happy with their accommodations
san antonio hotel window tinting

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Custom Tint Solutions is honored to announce our recent award on behalf of Eastman and Llumar SelectPro for “Best in the West” window film contractor. As the Western Vista dealer of the year, we’re humbled by the recognition of our work ethic, consistency, and dedication to our customers and community. We strive to continue being the recognized leader in our industry and are proud of our recent accomplishments, our hard working team, and all of our wonderful clients.

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