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Residential Window Tint for Energy Savings in Austin and San Antonio

The constant, harsh Texas sun can make it difficult for Austin and San Antonio homeowners to lower their energy consumption. With hot, humid summers and rainy, cold winters, Austin and San Antonio experiences a wide range of different of climate and environmental factors. Energy efficient window tint offers Texas homeowners an affordable solution to save money and create a more comfortable home environment.


Residential Benefits of Energy Saving Tint

From condos in the downtown area to single family homes in the outlying suburbs of Austin and San Antonio, residential buildings of all types can enjoy the benefits of energy saving tint. Energy saving tint keeps families comfortable year round, reduces household energy costs, and blocks out UV rays that cause fading.

    • Saves up to 30% on heating and cooling costs annually
    • Blocks out heat, glare, and UV radiation
    • Protects furniture and flooring from fading


How Can Window Film Reduce My Home Energy Costs?

Clear skies in Texas mean beautiful sunny days. But during the summer, when your home is exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time, it absorbs heat and causes your air conditioning system to have to work harder. And at the end of the month, you’re left sweating over an enormous utility bill.

Window film works to counteract this effect by controlling how much heat and what type of light your home absorbs. It works exactly like the air filter in your car, except it filters light instead. When the sunlight hits your home windows, the light frequencies that carry heat and uv radiation are restricted from entry and filtered out, while visible light is allowed to pass through.

This results in your home absorbing less heat so that when you set your hvac system to a certain temperature it stays that way. Hvac run times are shorter, there’s less glare on tv screens, and your home and family are protected from the heat and cancer causing uv rays.

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Different Types of Window Tint for Your Texas Home

There are many different types of energy saving window films available. When it comes to choosing a window film for your home, it’s not only important to consider aesthetics, but also the function of the film. For example, some types of window films, like low-e film, are suitable for certain climates, but not others. Other films are dual-functioning and work to provide solar protection as well as privacy.

At Custom Tint Solutions, we carry an extensive variety of energy saving window tint for Austin and San Antonio homes. From clear window films that provide invisible protection to non-rf blocking window films and stylish privacy films in neutral and reflective finishes, we have numerous options for installing window tint on your home. We’ll help you find the perfect film that makes your home look beautiful and provides you with the energy efficiency you need!

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