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Energy Saving Tips for Homeowners

Saving energy pays off. Not only will you enjoy a lower utility bill at the end of each month, but you’ll also be doing your part to protect the environment and conserve natural resources. In Austin and San Antonio, home window tinting is a great way to reduce your household energy consumption and its benefits can be amplified when combined other energy saving strategies. Below, we’ve listed some energy saving tips for homeowners.

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Tip #1: Service Your A/C Unit

Taking care of maintenance tasks for your air conditioner can lower your home energy consumption by up to 15%. Make sure to check air filters and replace them when necessary. The evaporator coil in your A/C unit should be cleaned regularly – about once per year – to keep it running smoothly.

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Tip #2: Install Ceiling Fans

Instead of relying solely on air conditioning to keep your home cool, try installing ceiling fans. Ceiling fans will help the air circulate better in your home and keep rooms at a comfortable temperature. Your air conditioning unit won’t turn on quite as often and run times will be shorter, saving you money.

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Tip #3: Replace Light Bulbs with LEDs

One of the best ways to conserve energy use is by replacing traditional light bulbs with LEDs. LEDs use a lot less energy than incandescent light bulbs and they last a lot longer. Also, make sure that you only turn on the lights when you need them. Use natural light to illuminate your home when you can and turn lights off after leaving the room.

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Tip #4: Turn Off Electronics

Not watching the TV anymore? Turn it off. Done working for the day? Switch off your computer. Turning off electronic devices after you’re done using can go a long way in helping you curb your energy usage. Also, when possible, try to purchase energy efficient electronics to start with. This is a great way to save money.

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Tip #5: Cook Outside

Cooking inside using the stove or oven makes your home hot, forcing your air conditioning to work harder and use more energy. Instead of heating up your home this way, try cooking outdoors. Cooking your meals on the grill will not only keep your home cool, but will also give your food a great flavor.

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Tip #6: Program Your Thermostat

Consider getting a new thermostat to curb your energy usage. Program your thermostat so that the temperature is lower when you’re asleep or at home than when you’re away during the day. Or invest in a Smart Thermostat that does the programming for you. This will save you a lot of money throughout the year.

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Tip #7: Invest in Home Window Tinting

Installing energy efficient window film for your home is a great way to go green and save money. Energy efficient window tints can save up to 30% on home energy costs and are more affordable than triple and double pane windows. For more information on the benefits of home window tinting, give us a call!

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Cut Back on Your Home Energy Use with Window Tint!

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