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Austin and San Antonio’s Premier Source for HDClear Decorative Film Solutions 

Custom Tint Solutions is proud to partner with HDClear to bring Central Texas the finest decorative window films existing on the market. Created using a unique printing process and high definition colored inks, HDClear decorative films offer incredibly vibrancy and brilliance, while creating stunning high definition graphics and prints that can be used for a variety of purposes. HDClear films make an exceptional addition to any building and are perfect for office conference rooms, retail storefronts, schools, and anywhere else where color and artistic flare is desired.

hdclear austin san antonio

HDClear Clear Decorative Film

HDClear Clear Decorative Film brings ordinary glass to life with color, beauty, and stunning graphics. Created using a unique printing process and optically clear polyester films, these decorative films make an exceptional addition to any space and are perfect for adding privacy and color.

  • Produce eye-catching visuals and style for any space
  • Available in single and double sided
  • Create vibrant graphics with white and colored inks
hdclear hdfrost decorative film austin

HDClear HDFrost Decorative Film

HDClear HDFrost Window Film provides Austin and Texas residential and commercial property owners an affordable option in achieving the look and feel of frosted glass without replacement. This decorative window tint offers optimal aesthetics and is a great privacy solution.

  • Available in transparent look
  • Single sided
  • Custom frosted design
hdclear hdwhite window film san antonio

HDClear HDWhite Decorative Film

HDClear HDWhite Decorative Film offers custom white graphics, patterns, and gradients for an elegant privacy solution. Perfect for homes and offices in the Austin and San Antonio area.

  • Single sided
  • Custom frost printed window tint
  • Available in transparent and translucent aesthetics
hdclear hdfade window film austin

HDClear HDFade Decorative Film

HDClear HDFade Window Film offers highly customizable gradient privacy window tint solution great for both commercial and residential use in Austin and San Antonio.

  • Available in gradients or fades
  • Single sided
  • Customizable fade/gradient directions
  • Customizable opaque and transparency
hdclear hdview window film san antonio

HDClear HDView Decorative Film

HDClear HDView Window Film provides Central Texas residents the opportunity to create stunning graphics that are only visible from the exterior but maintain an optically clear view from the interior.

  • HD printing with white and colored inks
  • Great for brand visualization and promotion
  • Graphic only visible from exterior– maintains clear view from interior
hdclear hdenhance austin window film

HDClear HDEnhance Decorative Film

HDClear HDEnhance Window Film delivers enhanced high definition graphics engineered for retail display. Life-like graphics optimize buyer experience and promote brand visualization.

  • Truly clear polyester film
  • Full color and white ink printing process
  • Up to 6 color design layers to enhance graphic
hdclear hdlam window film san antonio

HDClear HDLam Decorative Film

HDClear HDLam Window Film provides Austin and San Antonio business owners a window tint option that can be laminated.

  • Can be laminated between two layers of glass
  • Polyester film offers optimal clarity
  • HD printing process
hdclear hdcling window film austin

HDClear HDCling Decorative Film

HDClear HDCling Window Film is an innovative, temporary, short-term window film solution perfect for Austin and San Antonio retail spaces and offices.

  • Perfect for seasonal and regional promotions
  • Whiteboard option for conference rooms
  • Affordable pricing
hdclear hdsolar window film san antonio

HDClear HDSolar Energy Reduction Window Tint

HDSolar Energy Reduction Window Tint provides protection from the sun while also enhancing the aesthetic appearance of buildings. Incredible glare control and UV blocking capabilities make these window films the preferred solution for energy savings by building professionals across the country.

  • Block 99.9% of UV rays and 97% infrared heat
  • Reduce glare and prevent fading in furniture
  • Provides a full payback in 2-5 years on average
hdclear hdsafety window film austin

HDClear HDSafety Security Window Film

HDSafety Security Window Films provide the ultimate solution for enhancing the security of your building. The thick, tear resistant design of these security films makes them nearly impossible to penetrate, giving them the ability to deter intruders and greatly mitigate the effects of impact on glass.

  • Deters break-ins and provides additional response time
  • Reduce damage from bomb blast and severe weather
  • Hold broken glass in place for added safety
hdclear window film san antonio

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