Whitebaord Film for Glass

Whiteboard film comes in a variety of different designs, depending on your preferences and the effect you want to create. With the help of whiteboard film, you can turn glass walls and windows into surfaces for discussion, expression, and creativity. Whiteboard film offers a writable surface that makes planning, brainstorming, presenting, and learning all possible on a seamless and stylish platform, making it far more appealing than bulky dry-erase boards. Whiteboard films are a creative option that offer both function and aesthetic for a variety of different applications and settings. They can be customized to fit practically any size.

Benefits of Whiteboard Film

Whiteboard film is perfect for a wide range of applications, including those in healthcare facilities, meeting rooms, schools, universities, and creative office spaces. Window Film Depot offers the products and installation solutions that match your desired look and overall needs with the aid of our skilled professionals.

Even after extensive use year after year, Whiteboard Film will never exhibit permanent ghosting. Text and illustrations can be created using standard, water-based whiteboard markers that can be easily removed without leaving any residue. In addition, because of its thinness and weightlessness, whiteboard film saves space when compared to traditional whiteboards and other stand-alone solutions.

Writable Surface

With whiteboard film, you can turn any wall into a writable surface. Whiteboard film is a simple way to increase participation and make meetings, presentations, and lessons more interactive. These window films can be applied to any flat surface, such as desks, conference room walls, and windows.

Project Capabilities

The 3M Projection Screen Whiteboard Film is a matte white film made of strong PVC that allows for clear viewing of the projection from any angle. Unlike a heavy, hanging projection screen or whiteboard that must be nailed to a wall or supported by an easel, the film can be applied to any smooth wall or partition. When not in use, it saves valuable office or classroom space and fades into the background to become just another part of the office space.

 Maintenance Made Easy

When used with ordinary whiteboard markers, these films allow you to write, draw, and easily erase what you’ve done with no color residue blurring the surface over time. We recommend using a gentle detergent and a soft towel to clean the whiteboard film. Use with normal water-based whiteboard markers that can be readily removed.

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