Frosted & Privacy Window Film for Your Commercial Property

Custom Tint Solutions proudly offers elegant frosted and effective privacy window film options for commercial properties. Whether you need something to address interior privacy concerns while boosting aesthetics or a solution for blocking unwanted views in, we’ve got the most comprehensive choices at your disposal. Enjoy leading films and tints that offer the privacy, comfort, and safety you need for your business, office, or commercial building.

Why Your Commercial Property Needs Frosted & Privacy Film

Privacy concerns can cause a wide array of issues both externally and internally. With unobstructed views inside, this can pose both comfort and security issues for any commercial space. For customer interactions, meetings, and more, interior privacy can be just as important. Glass conference rooms and open spaces can create different concerns for businesses.

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Frosted and Privacy Window Film Benefits

Window film provides an effective, quick-installation solution that can help with both internal and external privacy issues:

Frosted Decorative Film Benefits:

  • Improves aesthetics
  • Diffuse light/light control
  • Provide privacy for meetings, customers, and more
  • Elegant, affordable alternative to frosted glass
  • Available in countless designs and is customizable

Privacy Window Tinting Benefits:

  • Blocks unwanted views into your property
  • Modernizes your exterior curb appeal
  • Ensures better comfort and safety
  • Available in various hues, finishes, and reflective properties

3M Privacy Window Film Benefits

3M Exterior Privacy Window Tinting Benefits

Commercial Frosted & Privacy Window Film Options

We offer the most comprehensive selection of frosted and privacy window films available for commercial buildings:

Frosted Decorative Film Options:

  • LLumar Decorative Film: LLumar offers a wide range of frosted, etched, and other privacy decorative films. Achieve the elegant look of authentic frosted glass with a fraction of the cost.
  • 3M Privacy Films: 3M has a beautiful selection of privacy decorative films that can be used across a variety of commercial buildings ranging from conference rooms to customer partitions.
  • Casper Cloaking Film: For a technological security feature, keep only electronic screens blacked out while maintaining an open feel. With numerous frosted designs to choose from, you can create the perfect workspace.
  • HDclear HDFrost Decorative Film: These customizable and predesigned options deliver a great way to enhance any space while providing improved privacy.

Exterior Privacy Options:

  • LLumar Dual-Reflective Window Film: LLumar offers an entire range of reflective and non-reflective privacy window film options. These provide incredible benefits beyond just privacy, including UV protection and energy savings.
  • 3M Sun Control Window Film Series: Choose from incredible aesthetic choices that block unwanted views in while providing UV protection and energy conservation benefits.
  • Huper Optik Window Film: Huper Optik has a number of different window film series to choose from – enjoy various finishes, hues, and tones.

Casper Cloaking Film Overview

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Work With the Nation’s Leading Commercial Frosted & Privacy Window Film Expert

Start planning your frosted and privacy window film project today! Call Custom Tint Solutions, the premier window film contractor serving the nation, to receive an estimate on the solutions you need for your commercial property!

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