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Meet Building Code Requirements with Window Tint

Today, many construction companies, builders, and remodeling businesses turn to window film as a way to meet building code requirements. As building codes become stricter, more emphasis is being placed on safety, resource conservation, and environmental protection. These new laws not only apply to new construction. Often, properties must be brought to code before renovations can take place. Commercial window tint offers an affordable, convenient solution for meeting modern standards.

Below, we’ve listed some of the ways that builders can use window tint to meet property requirements in Austin and San Antonio.

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Security Film as a Tempered Glass Alternative

Tempered safety glass is often stated as a requirement in building codes for glass that is located near water or areas where a slip-and-fall may occur. This includes windows, doors, and glass panes near showers, water fountains, pools, bars in restaurants, and stairs. Tempered glass is expensive to produce and therefore comes with a higher price tag. In many cases, safety window film can be used as an alternative to tempered glass in order to meet these standards.

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Window Tint for Bird Safety Plans

Every year, an alarming number of bird strikes occur in the United States. For this reason, many cities and local governments have started to enact laws that require builders to submit a bird safety plan. In order to meet building code requirements, builders can retrofit windows with bird strike prevention film, or fritted film. These bird safety window tints use patterns, reflections, and perforated marks to make windows more identifiable for birds.

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Safety Distraction Markers

Window film provides an easy way to create safety distraction markers for mitigating hazards in commercial buildings. The purpose of safety distraction markers is to prevent glass collisions and accidents by making partitions easier to see. Often, businesses will install these decorative films on glass walls and doors in lobbies, conference rooms, locker rooms, glass entrances and storefronts, and private offices.

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Energy & Resource Conservation

Natural resources are becoming more scarce and air and water quality are steadily declining in urban environments. This has caused many local governments to enact laws that require businesses to operate in a more energy efficient matter. Glazing requirements mandate that glass must be able to reject a percentage of incoming solar heat to ensure the safety of occupants and the environment. By installing commercial window tint, builders can improve the energy efficiency of a building and help bring it up to code.

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Storm & Natural Disaster Protection

Building codes stipulate that measures must be taken to protect the property from natural disasters. Depending on the region, codes may specify safety measures for protection against storms, high winds, floods, seismic activity, or severe weather. Safety window film can be used to engineer a modern solution for natural disaster mitigation.

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