Window Tinting for Austin and San Antonio Schools & Universities

Deciding to install window tint for your Austin or San Antonio area place of learning is a wise investment for any school. Whether you manage a university in Tobin Hill or a small grammar school in Garrison Park–window or surface films likely have a spot in your space. It is a way to do everything from upgrade your space to protect the students that are the core of any educational facility. Window tint is an excellent upgrade not only because it functions so well. It is also a budget-friendly solution that is usually applied in less than one day! Versatile and affordable, window film has a quick ROI of three years or less. Here at Custom Tint Solutions, we have an extensive catalog of films for your Austin school to solve any issue related to glass or flat surfaces, and we would love to walk you through it.

Keep Your Staff and Students Safe with Security Films

In an era where violence at schools is more common than ever–safety and security films should be a real consideration for any place of learning. From colleges to pre-schools, the threat of violence cannot be ignored. One of the best ways to shore up the holes in your school security is with window film. Since glass windows and doors are the weakest points of entry–security films are a powerful addition there. Made from tough, tear-resistant polyester and adhered with C-bond adhesive that makes glass more flexible on a molecular level–these films are incredibly strong. They can even stop bullets and many types of bomb blasts. They are more than just a deterrent. They keep glass from exploding outward by keeping shards adhered to film. This keeps students and staff safe during the initial attack and gives them more time to escape and/or hide.

  • Keeps school attackers at bay after the glass is struck, hindering break-and-enter crimes
  • Blocks UV rays protecting students and staff
  • High-end security films with C-Bond 2 and specialty frames are bullet and bomb resistent.

Climate Control Window Films Allow Students to Learn Better Free of Heat and Glare

The heat and glare through windows from the Texas sun are intense. In classrooms, this makes it hard for students. Glare not only obscures screens, making it harder to learn but also can be hazardous to health. That’s right, too much glare means UV exposure. This has the potential to cause everything from headaches to eye diseases and skin cancers. UV rays also cause a build-up of heat on the windows, making for hot and cold spots in classrooms. All of these things make for a less than ideal learning environment–even one that could stunt attention and retention. Window tint provides schools with a solution to controlling the Austin/San Antonio sun’s heat and light. It not only keeps classrooms at a comfortable temperature by regulating heat transfer–it also eliminates distracting glare on computer screens, tablets, and laptops. A glare-free school equals happier, healthier, and more productive students. 

  • Glare-reducing window tints even out classroom temperatures eliminating hot and cold spots
  • Window film reduces annoying glare that obscures screens 
  • Reduces eye stress from glare increasing classroom focus and lowering absenteeism and tardiness 
austin school window tinting

Make Better Use of Schools Budgets and Lower Utility Bills with Energy-Efficient Films

Public or private schools are always on tight budgets. Whether this is because they are working with finite tax budgets or trying to make more profit–schools are always looking for ways to save money. This is true for institutions across the country and right here in the Austin and San Antonio Markets. This is why energy-efficient window film is an excellent fit for everything from primary schools to universities. It traps heated and cooled air inside by acting as a powerful insulator on your Austin school’s windows. Energy bills are also reduced. However, it also makes your HVAC system run more efficiently too. This means fewer costly HVAC repairs and replacements. Another option for schools is daylight redirecting film; it takes excessive light near windows and sends it further into building’s reducing the need for interior lighting. Yet another great way to reduce costs in your Austin/San Antonio learning institution. 

  • Offers year-round climate control saving primary, secondary schools, universities, and colleges thousands in utility costs.
  • Window tints save up to 30% on energy spending annually
  • Window film keeps students and staff comfortable and better focused

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