When it comes to natural disaster preparation, there’s luckily a variety of steps you can take in order to defend your commercial or residential property. For those in Colorado, we’re quite lucky when it comes to natural disasters. However, we do get the occasional tornado or earthquake warning. While these don’t have to be major problems to look out for, having a comprehensive security solution that offers support in these areas can give us peace of mind. Here are three reasons to install earthquake mitigation window film for Fort Collins properties.

The Benefits of Earthquake Mitigation Window Film for Your Fort Collins Property

  1. Seismic and tornado protection benefits: The two main natural disasters to watch out for are earthquakes and tornados. Earthquake mitigation window film offers a great way to mitigate broken glass hazards in the event of a natural disaster. Broken glass is actually the leading cause of bodily harm and even death in these events.
  2. Great for hail and other severe weather: While earthquakes and tornados might not be as common, hail happens every spring and summer. Hail and severe weather can cause damage to windows and glass doors, leading to unwanted repairs and even replacement. Save money and keep your property protected from these environmental threats.
  3. Comprehensive security benefits: These specialty films offer high-impact resistance against a variety of threats outside of just environmental ones. Enjoy protection from burglaries, break-ins, smash-and-grabs, freak accidents, and more. Gain peace of mind knowing your property is completely protected even when you’re not there.

Work With Fort Collins’ Preferred Earthquake Mitigation Window Film Expert

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