When you own a commercial space, you’ll need to consider all the various additional responsibilities you have. While there are countless things that need to be maintained and cared for, one big thing you’ll want to put some forethought into is commercial property code. Commercial property code has a lot of requirements and regulations in order to make your building safe for the public and help limit your liability. For those looking to bring their building up to code, you can utilize window film as a more affordable option for certain projects. Here’s how you can bring your Fort Worth property up to code with window film.

The Benefits of Window Film for Fort Worth Commercial Property Code

  • Security film for annealed glass: Annealed glass is no longer accepted as safe for commercial buildings due to the way they break. These types of windows will shatter and pose broken glass hazards to building occupants. That’s why tempered glass is the required type for windows. Security window film helps you transform annealed glass into tempered glass without the need for window replacement. Enjoy fast installations and limited operational downtime.
  • Decorative film for distraction safety markers: Distraction safety markers are another requirement for property code. These need to be on all glass features inside of your commercial property in order to ensure they’re visible to building occupants in order to prevent accidental collisions. Decorative film offers a great way to add distraction markers that can also double as custom ways to boost visual branding and marketing.

Work With Fort Worth’s Commercial Window Film Expert

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