When it comes to employee productivity and workspace comfort, many San Antonio offices prioritize these values in order to really run a successful business. Finding affordable solutions that promote these ideal can be tough– fortuitously, daylight redirecting window film is an ideal resource that can enhance both these traits. Daylight redirecting film features a plethora of benefits and can be a great ROI for your San Antonio office.

Benefits of Daylight Redirecting Film for Your San Antonio Office

Daylight redirecting window film can redirect natural sunlight as deep as 40 feet into your San Antonio office building. Studies have shown that daylight redirecting film actually improves employee productivity, decreases absentee rates, improves student test scores, and decreases patient recovery times in hospitals. By enhancing your workspace with daylight redirecting film, not only will you improve employee morale but you’ll also save considerably on lighting costs. Custom Tint Solutions likes to recommend 3M Daylight Redirecting Film, the highest performing window film of its kinds. 3M Daylight Redirecting Film can redirect as much as 80% of natural lighting up onto the ceiling, providing additional lighting that has been linked to improved productivity and purchasing behavior.

3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film.

Daylight Redirecting Window Film Installation Process for San Antonio Offices

Custom Tint Solutions has successfully completed a multitude of daylight redirecting film projects throughout the San Antonio area. We begin every window film project with a free consultation in order to better define project needs and goals as well as deliver an accurate project estimate. We utilize commercial-grade glass primers and strengtheners in order to promote prolonged product life for your investment. We focus on minimizing downtime so your office can immediately experience all the wonderful advantages of daylight redirecting film.

For more information regarding 3M Daylight Redirecting Window Film for your San Antonio office space, please contact us or call: (210) 859-1144