Did you know that about 1 billion birds die each year from unknowingly flying into buildings? Have you noticed this issue with your Austin office building? Bird strike prevention has become a more prominent issue due to the alarming number of fatalities that occur each year around the world. Not only can you save bird lives, you can also save considerably on cleanup, maintenance costs, as well as repair costs associated with bird strikes. This is all easily accomplished by installing bird strike prevention film in your Austin office building.

Benefits of Bird Strike Prevention Window Film for Your Austin Office Building

Bird strike prevention film features subtle decals that are visible to birds that are flying around the city. The subtle decals form an aesthetically pleasing design that you can either choose from or customize. When installed on your Austin office building, birds will be able to see the location of your building and can avoid fatal crashes. Bird strike prevention film helps office building owners save significantly on unpleasant cleanups, repair costs from the damage on your glass, as well as maintenance fees. Bird strike prevention film helps save bird lives while helping you save money and prevent your employees and visitors from seeing these traumatic events.

Bird Strike Prevention Window Film Installation Process for Austin Office Buildings

We begin every window film project with a free consultation in order to better define project goals, requirements, and needs. This also allows us to make proper product recommendations in addition to giving an accurate project estimate. Once you decide on the right bird strike prevention film with your desired design, we ensure a timely, worry-free installation process that utilizes top-of-the-line adhesives and glass strengtheners.

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