Decorative window film is a great addition to any homes or businesses here in the Austin area. It does everything from add style to make spaces more private. It even cuts down on energy costs. Furthermore, window films are incredibly easy to maintain and will last for years to come. But what about when you no longer want the film? Is the window film removable? The answer is yes. While window film removal is something we do here at Custom Tint solutions for a fairly low cost, we get people wondering if they can remove the films themselves. The answer is– you can. And we have outlined the way to do so below. 

What Is Needed To Remove Window Film?

Which tools you need to remove window film depends on the type of film you have. Static cling film and adhesive backed film are different in several ways so they require different resources to remove them. For static clings films, you will need a razor blade, spray bottle with water, and/or a hairdryer. Adhesive-backed films, especially older baked-on films, require a few more things to help you take it off: an ammonia-based solution, spray bottle, drop cloth, and a razor blade or scraper are all possible additional tools.

How To Take Static Cling Films Off

To take off an adhesive-free static cling decorative film you will need to peel the film off. You can use your fingernail or a stainless steel razor blade, but what you need to do first is get under a corner to get it started. From there you simply pull and peel the film off the glass surface working diagonally across the glass. If you are having problems getting it to peel–wet it down using water from a spray bottle or heating it with a hairdryer.

How To Take Adhesive Backed Films Off

Adhesive-backed films are harder to remove. The first step is to dissolve the adhesive. You can use vinegar or ammonia-based solution. More advanced adhesive removal products are also available for purchase for stuck-on residues, or to speed things up. To begin, spray or rub down a corner of the film and as soon as the film gives way, start peeling at a diagonal angle. If need be, keep applying the removal solutions to where the glass and films meet as you go. Keep peeling, allowing a bit of time for the solvent to sit and soak into the film. This may take an hour or longer. Let it soak overnight for best results. Once the film is gone wipe down the glass a final time and polish until your window is clean and free of any trace residue.

 Here at Custom Tint Solutions, we are always here to answer any questions about removing window film and/or contact us for pricing on window film removal.