Commercial property owners always have to deal with some added stresses. This includes property code adherence. Property code is updated from time to time in order to provide better safety guidelines for the public. Making sure your commercial property is up to code is pertinent and can also help limit your liability in the event of an accident. Property owners can spend thousands trying to bring their buildings up to code. This can pose significant financial concerns especially during the ongoing pandemic. In order to make sure your Fort Collins property is up to code, you can use window film as a cost-effective alternative.

The Benefits of Window Film for Property Code Adherence In Fort Collins Commercial Buildings

  • Decorative window film for safety distraction markers: Decorative film can be utilized for safety distraction markers. These markers are required for glass features to help avoid collisions. The benefit of decorative window film is that it is highly customizable and can be used for branding, marketing, and privacy purposes simultaneously. Business owners can take advantage of this multi-faceted solution and really enhance their space.
  • Security window film for annealed glass windows: Annealed glass windows are not up to commercial property code since they can break into countless harmful pieces. Tempered glass is required since it tends to break in larger, less-harmful shards. Security film is an easy, affordable way to address annealed glass. This solution is quick and provides the same benefits as original tempered glass.

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