Commercial properties and office spaces throughout the San Antonio area are always looking for better ways to mitigate threats and disasters. Office buildings and businesses always want to keep their employees safe, making security measures important. Even though security systems and security cameras do offer some preventative measures, there are certain threats they just can’t pacify. Smash-and-grab robberies, natural disasters, gunfire, and explosions just aren’t covered by security systems and cameras, making another security measure even more important. Safety window film is the budget-conscious solution that business owners and offices are looking for.

Benefits of Safety Window Film for Your San Antonio Office or Business

Safety window film adds strength and flexibility to the most vulnerable areas of any building– the glass doors and windows. Did you know that broken glass is actually the leading cause of blast-related death and significant injury? By mitigating broken glass hazards, safety film protects your employees and property valuables. Safety film provides extensive defense against natural disasters, break-ins, burglaries, freak accidents, and more. If your commercial property requires a higher level of security, specialty safety film is also available. Ballistic-resistant and bomb blast window film can better absorb the shockwaves from higher impact events like explosions gunfire. Great for tactical installation among common areas, entryways, security booths, and more, your employees will appreciate the extra safety protocols provided.

Installation Process for Safety Window Film in San Antonio Offices and Businesses

Custom Tint Solutions is the security expert serving the San Antonio area. We’re happy to provide security assessments to help you better understand your individual property needs, vulnerabilities, and goals. Our installation processes are always discreet, stress-free, and timely. We’ll work around your business’ schedule so that no operational downtime negatively affects you.

For more information regarding safety window film for your San Antonio property, please contact us!