Elevators are built to last with metal surfaces for optimal durability. Elevators can be more than a convenience to many, being a vital mode of transport for disabled guests. Even though elevators are meant to be ultra durable, its metal surfaces can easily become scratched and become worn down from all the wear-and-tear. Elevators can also fall victim to vandalism. Whether your San Antonio elevator has numerous scratches or dings, it can be apparent that it is in need of a makeover. Metal restoration is the most affordable way to address elevator cosmetic damage.

The Advantages of Elevator Restoration with Metal Shield in San Antonio Properties

Cosmetic damages are extremely expensive to repair in elevators, leading to significant costs, downtime, and required recommissioning fees. Skip elevator recommissioning and save money with surface film installation. Metal Shield is a type of surface film designed specifically for metal surfaces. This incredible surface film can completely conceal all of your existing damage while defending surfaces from further vandalism and daily wear-and-tear. Elevator restoration is quick and easy, providing very limited downtime and incredible savings. Metal Shield costs a fraction of the price of metal repair, giving commercial property owners a great way to give their elevators a much-needed makeover.

Work with San Antonio’s Elevator Restoration Specialists

Custom Tint Solutions is honored to be the elevator restoration specialists serving the San Antonio area. We’ve helped countless commercial clients in their elevator and metal restoration efforts. Utilizing surface film is an innovative, minimally-invasive approach to repairs providing significant savings. This compelling solution can address all cosmetic and surface damages for immediate restoration. In addition to metal restoration, we also have mirror restoration and custom restoration services available.

For more information regarding elevator restoration and surface film for your San Antonio commercial property, please contact us!

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