The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our healthcare system in a number of ways. Enough cannot be said about the tragedy of this event. But it has brought up an interesting question – are our hospitals adequately prepared to face the challenges of the future? Pandemics have happened before and this is unlikely to be the last.

That being said, in recent months, many hospitals have taken major steps towards improving their facility in order to better support their staff and patients. And of the many changes they’re making, one of them is installing window film

Below, we’ve discussed how window films can be used in San Antonio hospitals to prioritize patient health and safety.


Using Window Film to Retrofit Existing Glass

Modern hospitals contain thousands of square feet of glass. While this massive amount of glass can be beautiful, it does create some problems. Privacy, energy efficiency, and security are compromised in exchange for aesthetic beauty, which is problematic to say the least. But that doesn’t mean that hospitals should invest in expensive structural changes.

Instead, window films can be used to retrofit existing glass and address these concerns. Window films are easily attached to existing windows in order to boost their performance and functionality. In this way, they provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for hospitals.


Benefits of Window Film for San Antonio Hospitals

Window films can be used to improve San Antonio hospitals in so many ways, from adding needed privacy to patient rooms to bolstering security in hospital entrances. Here are some of the ways that hospitals and healthcare facilities can benefit.

More Natural Light for Faster Recovery

Did you know that patients that have access to sunlight recover faster? This is because the sun boosts the body’s metabolism and immune system. By using window film instead of blinds, hospitals can increase the presence of natural light.

Better Hospital Security

Window films make an excellent addition to hospital security systems. They’re a great alternative to tempered glass and can be used to minimize accidents and injuries. And they’re also excellent for securing entrances and other vulnerable areas where intruders might try to break-in.

Privacy for Patients

Laws dictate that hospitals must protect patient privacy. Our window films provide a convenient solution for keeping patient identity and information confidential.


For more information on the benefits of hospital window film, check out this case study: san-antonio-window-film-hospital-case-study


Enhance Your Hospital with Window Film

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