Living in San Antonio has its perks but one of the drawbacks is the constant heat. With consistent sunshine almost year-round and overwhelming humid heat during the summer, it can be tough finding some relief and comfort. High energy costs are a given when the air conditioner is always in use. In order to lower energy costs and experience better comfort, energy-saving solutions are necessary. Heat control window film offers a lot of benefits for homes and businesses. So, what are the best heat control window films out there?

The Best Heat Control Window Film Options for San Antonio Homes and Businesses

Solar Gard is one of the best heat control window film options for homes and businesses. With different finishes available, homeowners and business owners can transform their existing space while addressing solar heat rejection. Solar Gard delivers a great way to lower costs and improve comfort. Vista is primarily a residential brand that provides numerous lines that enhance home comfort. Experience a great ROI from Vista along with optional security benefits. Great glare reducing and UV protection benefits are available from Vista. 3M is also another great investment for residential and commercial properties. These options provide significant solar heat rejection that’s paired with glare reduction benefits for a superior product.

Work with San Antonio’s Heat Control Experts

Custom Tint Solutions is honored to be San Antonio’s heat control experts, providing leading energy efficiency solutions that help our clients save money and improve comfort. These excellent ROIs can pay for themselves in three years or less in energy savings alone. UV protection also provides great money-saving opportunities by delivering the fade protection you need. We also provide energy audits for those looking for more accurate ROI estimates.

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