The schools in San Antonio can have such a tough time keeping their learning environment comfortable and cool all year long. With excruciatingly hot summers, summer school can be even harder to concentrate in. Keeping temperatures consistent all year-round can lead to significant energy costs. These energy costs can be better allocated and invested in educational purposes. Control temperatures inside of your school with window film installation and start saving money today!

The Advantages of Energy Efficient Window Film for Your San Antonio School

Energy efficient window film offers an incredible way for schools to start saving money on energy costs. The insulating properties provide a thick layer that helps with keeping your cooling and heating efforts inside. The solar heat rejection properties effectively block a significant amount of sun. Energy efficient window film also prevents hot/cold spots. This provides consistent temperatures throughout. The UV blocking capabilities can block out 99.9% of UV rays. This provides great fade protection while also defending building occupants from serious health concerns. Glare reduction is also a great property that’s included with this innovative window film. Reduce headaches, squinting, eye fatigue, and other discomforts for all screen-viewing activities. Perfect for computer labs, classrooms, libraries, offices, and more. This great ROI can pay for itself in energy savings alone in just a few short years.

Work with San Antonio’s Trusted School Energy Efficiency Specialists

Custom Tint Solutions is honored to be the trusted school energy efficiency specialists in the San Antonio area. We’ve provided incredible commercial energy solutions that improve the comfort of learning environments. By providing better solutions, we’re able to enrich our future and prioritize their education. Energy efficiency can really help lower your carbon footprint and make sure all students and teachers are comfortable.

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