When it comes to owning a business or any commercial space for that matter, there’s an entire laundry list of responsibilities to manage. A key thing to ensuring you’re able to limit your liability is to address commercial property code and invest in safety and security solutions. There are so many security solutions available, however, these are quite limited when it comes to your glass windows and doors. Security window film offers a great way to address a number of issues a commercial property can come across. Here are three ways that San Antonio businesses can use security window film.

The Benefits of Security Window Film for Your San Antonio Business

  • Loss prevention: The most popular usage of this product for businesses is loss prevention. The window film solution adds a thick layer to any existing glass, adding strength and flexibility. This deters smash-and-grabs, break-ins, and burglaries so that you can keep your valuables safe.
  • Safety protection for severe weather: From natural disasters to freak accidents, this safety solution helps mitigate broken glass hazards which are the leading cause of bodily injury or even death. An added benefit is easier cleanup after a high-impact event, helping minimize operational downtime.
  • Annealed glass upgrade: Commercial property code requires that all commercial buildings have tempered glass. If you still have annealed glass, security film gives you a great way to upgrade this to tempered glass for a fraction of the cost. This enables serious savings, fewer labor needs, and quicker installations. Enjoy a comprehensive solution that lasts the lifetime of your existing glass.

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