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Window Tinting Alternatives

Custom Tint Solutions is proud to offer leading window tinting services to address numerous project goals and create better function, comfort, and money savings among residential and commercial properties. One of our most frequently asked questions regarding window tinting is how it compares to alternative options available on the market. While there are a wealth of heat, UV, and glare solutions available, no other products come close when it comes to versatility, multi-purpose function, effectiveness, and low maintenance needs. That’s why we stand behind our products and believe they offer a comprehensive solution for properties of all types.

window tinting alternatives

Window Tinting vs. Window Tinting Alternatives

Window tinting offers numerous benefits when compared to alternative heat control, glare reduction, UV protection, decorative glass, and window security options available on the market.

Window Tinting Pros vs. the Alternatives

Window tinting offers a cost-effective way to address numerous issues and project goals including:

  • Energy savings: Effectively blocks solar heat gain and provides insulation for existing glass features. Cost-effective option compared to window replacement and provides better aesthetics than traditional window treatments and roller shades. Window film also doesn’t require manual operation.
  • UV protection: Blocks up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays without impacting the appearance of existing glass. Maintains optically clear views unlike traditional window treatments and doesn’t require manual operation.
  • Glare reduction: Actively controls glare without blocking out natural light transmissions unlike traditional window treatments and roller shades.
  • Safety and security: Security bars are unsightly, draw unwanted attention, and simply cannot be installed in residential properties. Security film offers a comprehensive safety solution that protects against theft, crime, natural disasters, and more. Specialty film options are available, providing a cost-effective alternative to ballistic-resistant glass. Security film can also be used to update annealed glass to tempered glass.
  • Decorative and frosted: Decorative film offers an affordable alternative to frosted and decorative glass replacement. It also allows property owners to easily change this aesthetic while offering customizability for brand visibility and visual marketing. Decorative film can also be used on commercial properties for safety distraction markers.

Window tinting offers creative solutions, cost-effective alternatives, and exclusive technology for achieving your project goals across both residential and commercial properties.

window tinting pros

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