There’s nothing that can ruin a hotel experience faster than an uncomfortable room. If your guest rooms are too hot or cold, they may have trouble sleeping at night. But if your building is located in a sunny area, you may find it difficult to keep rooms at a tolerable temperature.

Austin hotels can install energy saving window film to solve issues with discomfort and high energy costs. Energy saving window film provides a way to reduce solar heat gain and improve air conditioning efficiency. With window film in place, you will find that it’s much easier for you to control the interior climate of your hotel and provide your guests with the five star experience they deserve.

How Does Window Film Improve Hotel Comfort?

Excess solar heat gain is a problem commonly experienced in hotels in Austin. Austin’s warm, dry climate ensures that residents get plenty of sunshine year round. While the weather can be nice to experience if you’re outdoors, it can also cause major issues with energy efficiency. When the sun is constantly beating down on a building, the exterior surfaces start to absorb heat.

Windows, in particularly, are particularly prone to absorbing heat from the sun. And once the heat builds up enough, it travels inward towards cool, air conditioned rooms. This is simply how thermal conductivity works.

Window film improves Austin hotel comfort by preventing windows from absorbing heat. Since less heat is transferred inward, hvac equipment can do its job more effectively. If a guest turns on the air conditioning and sets to their room to a certain temperature, it will stay that way.

Window Film ROI

The great thing about installing window film is that the ROI is amazing. Blinds, curtains, and triple pane windows simply don’t provide the same return on investment. With energy saving window film, Austin commercial building owners can receive a full payback in as quick as 36 months, or three years.

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Mike Kinsey, Author at Custom Tint Solutions

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