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Residential Window Film

Protect Your Family and Home While Saving Money!

We all know the benefits of natural light, but what about its harmful effects? Did you know UV rays can fade your furnishings and flooring? And put your family at a greater risk of skin cancer – even indoors?

Defend your family and your belongings with Vista, EnerLogic and LLumar residential window film from Custom Tint Solutions in Austin or San Antonio.

Non-reflective and virtually invisible, our residential window tinting lets in the outdoor views and natural light everyone wants, but blocks 99% of the ultraviolet rays that come along with them. Your belongings stay newer longer, and you can relax in comfort, knowing you’re protected all year-long. Plus, residential window tinting blocks annoying glare that makes watching TV or working on the computer difficult.

In addition, because old and dilapidated windows can let in the heat and let out your air conditioning, residential window film adds an extra barrier, reducing heat spots and maintaining temperatures even on the hottest days. It not only lowers your energy bills immediately, it’s an affordable alternative to expensive window replacement.

Residential window film even acts as a suit of armor against dangers from the outside. In the event of a natural disaster, window tinting holds shattered glass in place, protecting your family against dangerous flying debris. And because it’s so difficult to break through, it’s a deterrent against break-ins and vandals. All this plus the style and shades every homeowner desires to complement their home design.

Benefits of Residential Window Film from Custom Tint Solutions

  • Blocks more than 80% of the sun’s total heat
  • Lowers energy bills and increases comfort
  • Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and 90% of infrared rays
  • Reduces irritating glare by 87%
  • Protects your furniture from fading, peeling and cracking
  • Available in clear, light and subtle shades
  • Ensures additional protection in the case of window break
  • Improves your home’s aesthetics
  • Protects your home against natural disasters
  • Offers privacy for your family
  • Designer window films available

All of our residential window tint is professionally installed by our trained technicians and backed by a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty. To make your home more comfortable day after day, contact Custom Tint Solutions in San Antonio or Austin for your free residential window film estimate!

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Sun Control Tints for Your Home

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