Window Film For Better Salt Lake City Safety

We are lucky enough to have some pretty amazing hospitals in Austin and these places of higher healing and even learning are critically important to our community. They act as places where the sick and enfeebled are able to heal and our next generation of doctors and nurses are able to learn. They also house some of the finest doctors, nurses and administration staff in the entire state. This is why safety for hospitals is a very big deal and something for administrators to consider. One simple way to add a good amount of safety to hospital building is actually window film. Safety and security window films off a number of far-reaching benefits. Read on below to find out how window film makes hospitals here in Austin a safer for the betterment of our communities.

The Safety And Security Benefits Of Window Film For Austin Hospitals

Bomb and Bullet Resistance: The odds of a gun or bomb attack on a hospital in Austin are small BUT, we also live in a time where this type of violence happens all too often and with devastating results. So, preparing for the worst case scenarios, like a bomb or gun attacks is an intelligent approach for hospital administrators to consider.

UV Protection: One of the most potent hazards to hospital patient and staff are the caustic UV rays shining right through windows. Window film blocks these, giving the equivalent of 1000 SPF and still allows in natural light to help patients recover faster.

Accident Mitigation: Slip and falls into glass windows, doors and other glass fixtures at hospitals are prevalent in hospitals because of the advanced age and poor health of the patients. In order to mitigate the damage from a slip and fall, hospitals should have window film applied to all glass areas of the building: stairs, doors, windows, dividers, and bathrooms notwithstanding. The film which will then act much like tempered safety glass; causing the glass to fracture into tiny pieces and stay adhered to the film.

Natural Disaster Protection: Natural disasters and severe storms happen all the time here in Austin to Dallas and everywhere in between and bring a lot of damage. First among these potentially dangerous side effects from natural disasters is deadly flying glass that hurts and kills people during storms. Safety and security window films protect by keeping glass, adhered to the film and help within the frame where it can’t do any damage.

For more information on window film for your Austin area hospital, contact Custom Tint Solutions Austin.