If you’re like most people, you probably have memories of times when you’ve forgotten to put on sunblock before going outside. The searing pain and discomfort of a sunburn can be hard to forget! While you may have learned your lesson since, did you know that your home also needs sun protection? UV rays are just as vicious indoors as they are outside! That’s why your home needs window film! Below, we’ve explained in detail how window film is like sun block for Knoxville homes.


How UV Rays Get Into Your Home

UV rays are the damaging rays of light that cause us to get sunburned when we’re outside. You may think that you’re protected from UV rays indoors, but that’s actually not the case. UV rays can still get into your home through your windows. Once inside, UV rays not only pose a risk to your health, but can also cause irreversible damage to your personal belongings and interior. Over time, furniture, flooring, and artwork fades and loses its vibrant appearance.


Window Film: Sun Block for Your Knoxville Home

Just like your skin, your home also needs sun protection. And the easiest way to protect your property from UV rays is with window film!

Window film is just like sunblock for your Knoxville home. It creates a protective coating that guards your windows from UV radiation. When sunlight comes into contact with the film, UV rays are reflected away, preventing them from getting inside and causing damage.


UV Protection Equivalent to SPF 1000

You may be wondering, how well does this solution actually work? Window tint is incredibly effective at filtering out UV light. Research shows that it can filter out approximately 99.9% of UV radiation. That’s the equivalent of SPF 1000!


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