Denver’s nickname is the Mile High City because it sits at an altitude of about 5,280 feet. Because of the high altitude, Denver residents are at an increased risk of UV exposure. While UV rays are hard to avoid since they’re carried by the sunlight, overexposure has serious consequences. Installing UV blocking window film for your Denver home or building can help you avoid the effects of UV damage.


Protect Your Home or Building from High Altitude UV Rays in Denver

One major problem caused by high altitude UV rays is fading. Fading occurs when the dyes in fabric, leather, and paint break down over time. This breakdown is caused by UV light exposure. When UV rays come into contact with colors, they set off the gradual process of degradation. Eventually, after enough exposure, the dyes are destroyed completely, leaving the object looking like it’s been bleached.

Installing UV blocking window film for your Denver property is a simple, but effective way to prevent this from happening. UV blocking film creates an invisible shield for your windows that repels UV light. Unlike curtains and other window treatments, it doesn’t block other types of light. That way, you can protect your floors, furniture, and interior from UV damage, without making your home or building dark inside.


UV Blocking Window Film Health Benefits

Another reason that Denver residents should consider UV window film is that it’s one of the best ways to protect your health and prevent skin and eye disease. UV rays not only do a number on our furniture. They also can be potentially detrimental to our health. Overexposure results in cellular disruption and mutation, which can eventually lead to bodily illnesses like skin cancer. Protecting your space with window film reduces your risk.


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