As Austin’s urban landscape rapidly expands, the need for enhanced security in residential and commercial properties becomes increasingly apparent. Anti shatter film in Austin, known for its protective and energy-efficient properties, has emerged as a powerful tool in safeguarding Austin’s homes and offices. This detailed exploration sheds light on how this innovative technology not only contributes to safety and comfort but also aligns with Austin’s unique environmental and security requirements.

What is Anti Shatter Film?

Anti shatter film is a clear, polyester-based laminate applied directly to glass surfaces. Its primary function is to reinforce glass panes, ensuring that even when broken, the shards remain adhered to the film, thus preventing shattering. This feature significantly enhances the security level of any window it is applied to. Although predominantly recognized for its security benefits, anti shatter film also offers UV protection and contributes to energy efficiency, representing a multifaceted upgrade from traditional glazing techniques.

Top Benefits of Installing Anti Shatter Film in Austin

Enhanced Safety and Security

Windows, often considered the weakest security link in buildings, can be fortified with anti shatter film in Austin to prevent breach attempts during burglaries or extreme weather events. In Austin, where fluctuations in crime rates and unpredictable weather patterns are common, the application of anti shatter film provides an added layer of security. For instance, during incidents such as burglaries, the film holds the glass together, significantly delaying and potentially deterring intruders.

Crime Deterrence

The presence of security measures like anti shatter film can considerably deter criminal activities. According to a report, buildings equipped with visible security systems, including fortified windows, see a significant reduction in the incidence of break-ins. Reinforcing windows with anti shatter film not only protects the property but also sends a strong deterrent message to potential burglars, making it a critical crime prevention measure in urban settings.

Protection from Natural Disasters

Austin’s susceptibility to diverse natural hazards, including hailstorms and tornadoes, calls for robust protective measures. Anti shatter film is engineered to withstand high-impact debris and severe weather, thus safeguarding both the structural integrity of windows and the occupants inside. This preventative measure is essential in reducing the potential for injury and damage during natural disasters.

Energy Efficiency

Austin experiences a wide range of temperatures throughout the year, making energy efficiency a high priority for property owners. The insulative properties of anti shatter film help stabilize indoor temperatures by reducing heat gain during warm months and retaining heat during cooler months. This translates to less reliance on heating and cooling systems, yielding up to a 30% reduction in energy costs annually, a significant saving for any household or business.

UV Protection

With Austin enjoying an abundance of sunny days annually, the risk of UV damage to interiors and occupants is high. Anti shatter film blocks up to 99% of UV rays, effectively preventing the fading of furnishings, carpets, and artworks, as well as minimizing health risks associated with UV exposure. This feature is particularly beneficial for preserving the longevity and appearance of interior spaces without compromising natural light.

Aesthetic and Privacy Benefits

In bustling urban environments like Austin, maintaining privacy without sacrificing natural light can be challenging. Certain types of anti shatter film offer tinted or frosted options that enhance privacy while still allowing light to penetrate, offering a practical solution for offices and homes that face busy streets or close neighbors.

Reasons Why Austin Residents and Businesses Should Consider Anti Shatter Film

Installing anti shatter film is more than just a security measure; it is a smart investment in the property’s value and operational efficiency. The film meets local safety regulations and contributes to environmental sustainability goals by reducing energy consumption. Its versatility and effectiveness make it an essential consideration for anyone looking to enhance the safety, efficiency, and comfort of their Austin property.


The strategic installation of anti shatter film in Austin’s homes and offices is a proactive step towards a safer, more secure environment. It’s an investment that pays dividends in peace of mind, energy savings, and property protection. To learn more about how anti shattering film can benefit your space, or to schedule an installation, contact Custom Tint Solutions today at (512) 954-2422 or via email at

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